You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


1. photoshoots

---- alexis pown---

i was posing, tomorrow i will be on the cover of vogue. Im used to it, im now one the bigest world wide supermodels. I love wearing diferent clothes, and the one the best part ot the model job is that sometimes they give us the clothes. It was two at the evening. Photocrapher was saying "bravo!good!" And all kind of stuff ,its realy annoying. Then pair of chocolate colour eyes caught my  attenion...

---Justins pown---

i was wating to my adidas photoshoots to get started. i looked around and sawn beautiful girl  with olive skin (light brown) and brown,long and curly  hair and amazing hazel coloured sparkling big eyes. She had green ripped jungle dress on i think i have seen her before in news or in magazine covers. She was realy beautiful i think the most beautiful girl i had never seen, and i can say i have seen lot of girls but not as beautiful as her. I could look away. She was so perfect. my mind was shouting 'dont stare! look away!' but my head and body was still standing towards her direction admirring her beauty. Then our eyes met. It was magical like time stoped. I felt  weak like i just got under her spell and i could do anything she ask for. I gave a little smile/smirk. She smiled back showing her cute dimples. Then one director ruined the perfect moment yelling my name. I looked away and felt cold world again. Like someone woke me up from sweet dream. 

--Alexis pown---

i just shared staring moment with that hadsome,charming and little flirty guy. I could stare in those eyes like hours. But then he looked away, i think someone of his team broke our staring moment. Half hour passed i got changed for many diferent clothes. He was posing in another room there was only class wall between us, we gave playfull stares for each others during the fotoshoots,it was wery funny, i could help but giggle guitly for his funny faces what he was making.. He winked to me. I blushed like tomato but im glad i had so much make up so he didnt see it . I felt like some teen who smirks with some cute boy in class while teacher is speacking. Now i got changed in little green fake leaf bikinies and i could see him licking his lips. The fotoshoots ended soon and my photographer said something what made me turn to tomato again,he said "i see you changin stares with mr.bieber" then it hitted me. He was Justin Bieber. He looked so familiar but i could remember how. I remoted my makeup and changed to casual clothes. I walked to cafetaria.  


----justins pown---

she was so damm cute. Normaly the fotoshoots go slow and they are so boring but this wasent boring at all. She gave me those playfull smirks and smiles while photoshoots. I was sitting on cafetaria and sawn that amazing princess comming she sawn me and smiled little. She sitted down to same tabble with me. "Hellou." I said happily. "Hi mister energic." He laughted to my hello. "So whats your name ?" I asked. "Im alexsis." She said. "Justin bieber nice to meet you." I said. "Oh yepp i didnt knew who you were." She joked. "So wanna go eat something with me?" I asked. "Yeass please im starving." She said. We walked to my car and talked about stuff, it was weird cuz i just met her and here we were talking like we have know long time. We eated in fancy restaurant we had really fun, she made me laught all the time. She wasent that bratty  'im the best' altitude like models normaly are. She had this cool aura around her. her  limo picked her in front of restaurant and we said good night, yepp it was late. We losted truck of time. We changed the phone numbers. I drove home. And smiled the hole drive. I was pretty tired but happy.  Alexis was the last thing i remember when i felled asleep. 

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