You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


9. horrible suprise

Alexi's pown---

its been half a year since i last saw Justin you may think what had happened to us. well my job happened. Paris fashion week,Asian fashion week,London fashion week etc. familiar view landed to my eyes. LA. my home. i'm going to see Justin again. Justin has been weird lately we haven't talked so much but and he sound nervous at phone i guess much stuff has been going on,  i stood at air port no sigh of Justin were was he? he promised that he will come... i have been standing like hour here and he isn't answering my calls. i called to my driver and went home. i was bit unhappy that Justin didn't show up. i guess hes busy. i went to hot shower and unpacked my stuff it was 2 pm. i took my keys and took my car. i parked my car in front of Justin's house. there was few cars and Justin's cars too. i stepped out of car. door was unlocked.this was weird something was wrong. i took step in. the house was trashed. party happened. i can see. empty cups few people passed out in sofa and floor. did he had party? i made my way to Justin's room and as i opened the bedrooms heart broke. my mouth went try. Justin lying at bed two girls with him he was naked and the girls were too. there they slept. i just stood there silent then i saw something else what made me feel ever worse. white dust on his night stand. i took it to my finger and smelt it. Drugs. what had happened to my Justin. i walked to the door and slammed it close to woke them up.Justin jumped bit and two other girls opened theirs eyes slowly. when they saw me theirs eyes went wide and they covered them self's. "who the fuck dare to woke me up!" Justin's morning voice said with anger. "me." i said. he Jumped and turned to face me. he looked bad. "Alexis." he said. "i..." he started but didn't even know how to continue. "Justin! what the hell!first you cheat me and then you have drugs." i said tears running down my cheeks. "Alex.." he said. "i'm out of here. Justin we are over and please get help." i said and walked out ingnorin Justins shouts. i was downstairs. i sawn Lil twist and lil za walking in. "Alexis." they said at same time. "Alexis whats wrong?" Lil twist asked. "Justin. what the fuck is wrong with him, he was like this when i last sawn him! he said he was fine." i said tears running down my cheeks. "Alexis,we don't know. please don't leave,he needs you." twist said. "i cant stay here,with him. its over. sorry." i said. "please." Lil za said. "i cant." i said and walked out of that house and drove away. i stoped to starbucks. i took sip of my coffee  and then suddenly many paps came taking pictures. "Alexis did you know about justin's Drug addiction?"  "Alexis did you know Justin has been cheating you?" that was enough i walked out and went home. i kicked my sneakers away and brust to cry. why did i leave. why i wasn't there. what had got into Justin? it was 8 pm and i sat at sofa watching television.*knock *knock. i walked lazily to the door and opened door. Justin. i tried to slam door shut but he was stronger than me.


---Justin's pown---

i stoped Alexis to slam the door close. she looked so sad her make up was all over her killed me to see her like this. i dont know what happened to me why i cheated her i loved her so much but im little by little getting tired of this. being me. paps don't let me alone i have to read everyday new shit about me. "Alexis babe listen." i said. "Justin dont call me that." she said and walked to living room.i took her by her hand but she slapped my hand away. "im sorry, i love you. im lost. please listen to me." i said. "you have two minutes." she said. "i dont know why i cheated you. i love you the most, i missed you so much. those girls dont mean a thing to me." i said. "woah Justin. what the fuck. first you cheat me and they you say that they dont even mean anything so you cheated for nothing! that dosent make sence. people dont cheat the one they love. i dont think you love me." i said. "dont say that i dont love you, i love you most in this world." i said. she shaked her head. "it was mistake." i said. "im sorry." i said. "cheating is not mistake its choice!" she yelled. she was hurt i could see that. "and then you take drugs! no im not dating a drug addict!" she said. "im not drug addict!" i yelled. "then why does everyone say that i can see it from your eyes, that you are." she said. then i lost it. "i hate everyone trowing that shit to me!" i yelled. " get out!" she yelled. "no!" i said. "get out!" she yelled crying. "why." i said. " because you fucking broke me!" she yelled. "i cant look at you! get out! get out of my life! i hate you!" she yelled. and with that i left. she hated me. if she didnt love me then everything didnt matter anymore. she hates me.

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