You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


11. fix you

--Justin's pown---

even when there was huge black cloud on my life,all those pressures,hate,judge what i got everyday.there was still hope. seeing Alex sleeping against my chest keeping her hands tight wrapped around me hearing her breathing out and in made me feel lucky to have someone like her in my life in my arms. only peace of blanket covered our was perfect silent. i have been awake for a while but there was no way that i was going to woke her up or even try to move. warm hand ran through my hair softly stopping to my earlobe holding it. "what are you thinking?" she asked softly looking me with those big green eyes of hers."life." i said looking her. "you." i said. she raised her eyebrow "you are so good to me. i missed you so much and i just broke down when media trowed theirs shit again and i was so lost. i almost lost you.i love you so much i will do anything to keep you in my arms." i  said honestly to her. small smile creep on her pink soft lips. she slowly went closer to my face our noses were touching. i slowly moved my lips on hers.first we didn't move at all then i felt her smiling on my lips and slide her tongue in my mouth. i wrapped arms tighter around her holding her waist and her arms wrapped around my neck. "i love you so much." she said and kissed my forehead while i gave small kisses on her neck.i was on top of her giving small kisses on her neck and face. while she was giggling like little kid. "Justinnnn." she giggled while i kissed her. i stoped and look in her eyes. "i love you." i said. "i love you too Jay." she smiled.we stayed while in bed holding each others and talking. "i need shower." she groaned. and i just gave her silly smile. she smiled to me shyly and i laugh.

--Alexis pown---


i looked my self at mirror my hair was messy and  there were love bites all over my body. God dammit Justin. i smiled tough of him. i felt someone coming to room i looked from mirror seeing Justin hugging me behind. he wrapped arms around me kissing my neck." i like when you are naked." he smirked. "perv." i giggled and turned around to kiss him. our bodies were so close that there was no space between us. "Justin.." i moaned rolling my eyes looking down,he was hard again."what can you blame me?having beautiful naked woman in bathroom and when the woman is you, is totally turn on." he said looking me up and down and bite his lips. i raised my eye brown. "anddd i loove these." he said and i felt his tongue teasing my right breast's nipple. i let out moan. "you like it?huh." he smirked kissing me hungrilly. "Justin i need shower and if we keep this we will end up fucking all day."  i said. "i like sound of that,and by the way its not fucking." he said. i raised my eyebrow "its called making Looove." he smirked kissing my lips. "cheesy,i see." i said. "naaah. its true. when you have sex someone you love its called making love." he said. "okay okay." i said. "i'm serious."he said. "i know. i love you." i said. i kissed him. "lets have shower." he said. "you mean shower sex?" i asked. "uum well isnt that obivous? water running down your sexy body, i cant keep my hands from my self." he smirked and pulled us to shower.

my back against tile wall  Justin trusting hard in me and water running down our bodies,kissing each others hugrilly while feeling big pleasure crowing.i couldn't hold it any longer so couldn't he.our moans growing. i felt my walls tighten around his hard cock what was hitting my g-spot everytime when he went deeper. "Justinnnn." i almost screamed as our juices mixed. then we watshed each others and he being, him not be able to keep his arms for his self kissing,touching me. when we finally were out the shower i dressed up for my sweat pants and Justin's shirt and walking downstairs with him. we made breakfast. "taste this?" Justin as i cooked eggs. he put watermelon to my mouth. i licked his fingers smirking. "oh bad girl." he said and slapped my but and continued making fruit salad.i found us feeding each others and laughting like little kids. "you are such a messy pig." i said. "but you love me." he smiled. "i love my piggy so much." i said pinching his cheeks. "you are such a kid sometimes."he laughted. "but you love me." i mocked him. he laugh and kissed me. the end of day were me and Justin watching films and making out on sofa. 

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