You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


10. can't unlove you

i opened my eyes looked to left side of bed. i was alone.just few days ago i was happy that i will be back again and feel Justin's warm arms around me. but there was just empty place. i went to guick shower and went to closet. what to wear? i took skinny jeans. and my eyes hitted to familiar big sweather it was Justin's. i took it and pulled it over me. and hugged my arms around my self almost feeling like he was there,but he wasn't. i took cup of coffee and opened tv. i almost trowed the remote to the wall and tears run down my cheeks. Justin arrested. i cried,it was my fault, i said i hated him. i didn't hate him. i cant hate the one i love so much. and it happened yesterday and it was already killing me  so badly. i know when you broke up with someone it hurts but not like this. like other half of me was gone. i called my driver and went to police station. i saw Jeremy covering his face with his hands. i sat next to him. "Alexis what is wrong with him." he said. "i don't know." i said. "im going to car Justin's is getting out soon." he said. "okay see you later." i said walking out. i sat at limo thinking and confused "to home?" driver asked. "no to Justin's" i said. i walked at Justin's door and the cleaner let me in. i walked into his room and sat on his bed. i took his pillow. god i missed him. i heard footsteps. "yeah you can go now,maria." Justin said to cleaner. i heard foots steps getting closer. "Alexis." he said softly. he looked bad,broken and hurt. i stood up and looked in those brown eyes. flasbacks runned quickly in my head. Justin smiling at me in photoshoots,Justin saying he loves me,Justin carrying me to the ambulance. Justin and i playing basketball... all those beautiful memories. we just stood there i walked closer to him. and then i did what my heart told me. i hugged him tight tears in my eyes again. Justin hugging me back as tight like i was doing to him. i looked him. "Im sorry." he said softly. "im too." i said. "its not your fault." he said."what happened?" i asked. "i lost it. when you said you hated me i just..." he said. "Justin i don't hate you i hate my self for that i didn't catch you when you fell,i hate myself not being there. i love you so much that it hurts me so much. miss you every second when you are not with me." i said. he kissed me softly not rushing or making out. Just kissed me softly and gently.i missed his lips on mine. we lied down to bed kissing softly each others nothing more.then i lied against his cest listening his heart beat. "i don't want to lose you." i said. "you aren't going to." he said. "why did you take drugs." i asked. "Alexis i need to tell you something... i have been depressed five months..all the media and shit..sometimes i feel like i cant do it anymore. everyday i read new shit about myself it hurts." he said.i turned around facing him i hold his head on my hands. running my left hands finger throught his soft brown hair. "i'm not letting you get hurt. i'm not leaving you anymore. lets go to some were were are not paps or anyone just you and me. i love you so much i don't want to see you in pain. i love you more than anything. " i said looking in his eyes. he smiled shyly and tear escaped from his eye. i whiped it away. he crushed his lips on mine. "i love you too,so much."he said. he rolled on top of me and things got soon heated. i opened buttons of his shirt trowing it away i admirred his abs running my hands up and down on them. "like what you see." he asked teasilly. "naah, love it." i said. he kissed me again and took my i mean his sweather away. i kicked my jeans away and he kicked his. he watched my body licking his lips. "you are so beautiful." he said. i blushed. i saw his erection crowing and it made me want him even more. slowly he took my bra off and started to suck gently my nimpless taking my panties away teasing me with his fingers making sircles down my vagina.i moaned causing Justin to smirk."gosh i love that sound." he smirked. slowly i felt something big entering inside me. "don't stop,don't stop."i moaned, "uh.Alexis." Justin said. "Justin i screamed. "i love when you scream my name." He winked.

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