You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


2. Bomb

------Alex's pown------

 month later------ 

that was a month when I met Justin. We hung out almost every day. paps have been chasing us everywere. and there are some rumors that we are dating and i have got many hate messages from justins fans. i mean those fans are great, but  they can be really mean. Justin is great and actrative guy. i think im in love with that silly guy! cmoon look at him hes damm goodloking guy. he can sing, he is funny, he can be so guy sometimes. hes perfect,

so i was at justins house we were watching 'just go with it' it was so hilarious, we were laughing our asses off. the movie ended and it was late and i have big fotoshoots tommorow. "justin i have to go home." i said. "ughhh cmoon you cant leave me alone in this big house, im scared." he said like littlekid. "justin. you bought this house. and you have been alone so manytimes. dont be such a kid, now get your lazy ass off the sofa and drive me home!" i said. "ai ai captain;" he said. i just laughted and we walked to justins car. he opened door for me. such a gentleman. haha. soon i was walking to my door i wawed to justin goodbye he just yelled. "sleep well alexandra dear!" yepp Alexandra is my real name but i dont like to use it so much.


---Justins pown---

shes perfect. im speecheless. selena is trying to get me back. normaly i would fell to selenas trap, cuz we were so long together and stuff. but i just got enought for her. she is so diferent than alexandra. alex is perfect. i just want to be with her. and hold him and woke everymorning she in my arms. and kiss those perfect pink lips. but i think i would russ on things cuz we had know each others like realy feels like years. i like her so much. but i dont think that she feels the same way about me.



------Alex's pown---

afternoon in the photoshoots


im really tired i have been here like since 7am and now is 3pm. but this is my job. and i like it. but sometimes it can be really irritating. now i was wearing simply white oversised t-shirt and my hair was a big boffed mess. but thiss is what the director wants so.... suddenly i heard horrible voice. like something just exploded and at the same time the hole room started to shake and walls started to fall and allkind of things were falling on the roof. automaticly i runned to stairs. ofcourse i have to be in 15 floor i felt the walls and roof comming after me like the hole building was going to wrek i speeded but then something falled to my head and blackness took me. 



----Justins pown-----


i just shilled in my house. i opened the tv. news. "bomb just exploded in models  photoshoot and fashing center, the hole buildment is collapsed on  the ground. firemans are saving people. lot off people have died and are still missing." i jumped up. the buildment were alexandra have been in the fotoshoots. i runned to my car. and drived. i runned out the car to see big buildment totally wrekked. tears started to run down to my cheeks. paps were taking photos but i could give a shit about it. i runned to some tent. "is Alexandra fine" i asked some random fireman. "i dont know sir, there a list off people who just died and who are missing." man said and pointed the list. i runned to look. in dead peoples lists. i wass cladd no alex, but in missing list was alex. i sawn  firemans caring peoples out. this was horrible. how could i live with out her. i cant live with out her. i was so worried. i just cried and hoped to see her alive. but it almost looked hopeless. i cant lost her. she cant die. i sawn some fireman caring brown haired girl with oversided T-shirt. i runned toward the men. "is she alive?" i said. "i dont know" he said. i cried the man gave her. there was i carring her tiny body. her eyes were closed.and she was coverd in dust and some bruises around her legs and hands. i cried. "dont die, i need you." i cried and sitted to groung her head on my lap. i took her hand and kissed it. "Justin! look over here." some pap yelled. paps were aroung me and alex. "LEAVE ME ALONE." i yelled still holding her hand. "justin why are you holding her hand? are you crying?"some pap yelled. " WHAT A DUMM ASS QUESTION WAS THAT? I LOVE HER! I LOVE HER THATS WHY IM HOLDING HER HAND! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!" i yelled. and kissed her cheek.i carried her to abulances. they took her. i just stood there and watched the  ambulances back lights going furter and furter. 

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