You & I

Alexis payton is 20 years old world wide model. In photoshoots for vogue magazine cover , she meets justin bieber whos turn is next for some another magazine cover photoshoots. They met later in back rooms when theirs fotoshoots are over and justin asks if alexis wants to go dinner with her. What will happen. I can promise there were be something between them two.


12. Bahama

----Alexis pown---

warm sand on under my toes watching Justin walking out the water and looking me with smirk. nothing wasent better than Shirtless Justin. "Like my abs? i see." he smirked as he sat next to me.

"ugh again i dont like them i love them." i said kissing his wet lips. "you are salty." i said tasting sea water on my lips. "and you sweet." he said and slipped tongue in my mouth. Justin and i were at Bahamas.we left secretally that no one knew where we went. we are going to stay for awhile. Justin needed this,to be alone and not to have to deal with that shit. i needed Justin to be happy. it was painful to look Justin hurt and lost. i wanted him to be happy. 

--Justin's pown---

i havent been so happy for a while. Alexis is so sweet and  i just cant keep my hands for myself its not that i want to have stay with her and shes so good in bed. we do other things than just that. i just love her so much that i want to hold her and kiss her. it was late and we were laying on bed. it was great to be somewere not in paparazzies eyes everywere. i couldn't sleep. suddenly i felt soft lips gently tickling my lips. i could imagine Alexis's beautiful smile what she did everytime when we pulled away from kiss. "i love you." she said. wrapping her arms tighter around me. "try to sleep Jay." she said. how did she know that i couldn't sleep. "how did you know?" i asked. "i know you Jay." she said. softly bringing her lips on mine. soon our kiss turned to hunger one. "Jay."she said. she knew i was hard. "try to sleep." she said. "i cant,with boner." i said. "i cant too,im god dam horny." she moaned and kissed me again. "dirty, i like it." i said. "shut up and  make love to me, loveboy."she said and trowed her shirt and shorts away."sure,lovegirl." i said. starting to kiss her nipples, i knew that was big turn on to her. "im gonna make you feel so good." i wispered. i slowly moved down. and settled my head to his tights. i started to to tease her clint with my tongue. "Justinnnnnn."she moaned trowing her head back rising her hips closer to my mouth i slowly placed my fingers inside her as she moaned louder. her moan was so big turn on to me. "fuck me allready." she screamed. i kicked my boxer down. and slammed hard in her tight pussy. as my dick hitted hard in her tight pussy she let loud moan of pleasure. she moved up,we were at sitting position as i trusted hard and fast in her as she moved her hips fast with rythm with me. my hands on her hips her hands on my shoulders. her left boob inside my mouth as we trusted. "oh right there!" she screamed. "dont stop!" she moaned. "dont stop,dont stop!" she moaned. "im gonna cum." she almost screamed. "with three." i said. as i locked her lips on mine looking in her eyes. "one, two three i said.and i slammed one more time hard deep in her.i felt her walls tight around me as our cums mixed. i slowly went out her. she against my chest both of us catching breath. "can you sleep now?" she said turning face me kissing me. "i think so." i said. "good night,love." i said. and wrapped my arms tighter around her. soon i heard her peace full breath and my eyes slowly started to feel heavy.

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