A burning issue - Rape In India

It's for the 'Movellas gets political' contest. As you can decipher from the title, it is about rape and its victims in India. I am the first one who has taken up this issue. *Like* *Comment* *Favourite*


1. A burning issue - Rape In India

‘She laid there breathing heavily while the chilly winter air kissed her naked body…’


On the cold winter night of December 16, 2012 a young physiotherapy intern and one of her male friends were returning after watching a movie in Saket, an area in South Delhi, India. Because of the lack of transport, they had to board a chartered bus to make it home. They signaled the bus to stop and one of the men in the bus peeked out told them that “the bus was going towards their destination”. They got on the bus and took their seats. After a while the woman’s friend became suspicious because of the sudden change in the bus' route. When he intervened the first time, the men brushed it off saying that "they were taking a shorter way." He knew that that wasn't the way towards their destination. When he intervened again, he was beaten up, gagged and knocked unconscious with a metal rod. The woman, dumbstruck, watched her friend getting beaten up with tears in her eyes. That’s when the molestation began.

The men dragged the woman to the rear of the bus, beating her with the rod and raping her while the bus driver continued to drive. Medical reports later suggested that the woman suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault, and doctors say that the damage indicates that a blunt object (suspected to be the metal rod) may have been used for penetration. As she was pinned down and raped, the young woman put up a fight but was hopelessly outnumbered. After the beatings and the rape ended their numb bodies were thrown out of the moving bus. Then the accused allegedly tried to drive the bus over the woman but she was pulled aside in the nick of time by her male friend. One of the perpetrators later cleaned the vehicle.


This is the most horrifying case of rape that has ever occurred in Delhi. Candle light marches, protests and what not was done to get justice. The woman’s name was not disclosed but the media houses gave her many pseudonyms like Jagruti ("awareness"), Jyoti ("flame"), Amanat ("treasure"), Nirbhaya ("fearless one"), Damini ("lightning", after the 1993 Hindi film) and Delhi brave heart.


She received various treatments and two days before her death she was flown down to Singapore to get treatment of high-level. On 28 December 2012, at 11 am (IST), her condition was "extremely critical". The chief executive officer of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Singapore) said that the woman suffered brain damage, pneumonia, and abdominal infection, and that she was "fighting for her life." Her condition continued to deteriorate, and she died at 8:45 pm (Indian Standard Time).


This is the famous rape case of the Nirbhaya. But is this the only incident of rape that has ever happened in India? Or the victims are just hidden in shadows; scared to come out, scared to face the world?


Another similar incident happened but this time the victim was a five year old little girl. She was abducted and then raped by her neighbour. The alleged, who worked as a labourer, confined the girl in his room for more than two days.


People say that girls provoke men because of the clothes they wear or the way they dress up. But what about this little five year old? How can she provoke a man almost five times older than her?

The illogical views of some people really diminish any chance of these rape victims getting justice. The Fast Track Court of the Indian Supreme court took more than nine months to prove the alleged guilty. So, ‘fast track’, isn’t it? The irony in their work and in their name is pretty humorous. They claim to ‘work in their own ways’. But what justice can the victim’s family get when she already died?


Everyday, many girls are getting raped. But does anyone really notice that? Does anyone really care? In rural areas, a rape victim cannot show her face because of the embarrassment she has to face. Her family disowns her and she is forced to go away, never show her face to anyone ever again. Then how do you expect the disowned girls to get justice? Okay, not justice but at least some respect?


The term ‘Rape’ is an embarrassment itself. People avoid talking about it often.

‘Oh she got raped?’

‘What will others think?’

‘Just burn her down!’

‘Kill her!’

That is how these rape victims are treated, in rural India, at least.


Justice delayed is justice denied. Years after years, the accused are tried, then after long years of fighting, finally they are proved guilty. What kind of justice is this? Does it really matter after twenty years? Twenty five years?

These victims die fighting but still there is no sign of any possible justice given to them. If this is happening when only two or three rape cases are coming to light then what will happen if all the victims across India fight for themselves? It will be a havoc. A tsunami of women will flood the country.


Rape is a burning issue and more importance should be given to it. Justice should be given to all and everyone (not only women, but men too) should fight for their dignity and respect.

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