Protect Her

Alison is the school slut, she's the girl who tried to kill herself, the girl who always gets into trouble. When her parents can't handle her anymore they sent her to London, to live with her cousin, the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


2. chapter

Two strong hands shook me awake. Did I fall asleep? Really Allison, really? I sighed and opened my eyes slowely. "Get up, slut." My mom snapped. Wow mom, nice one, never heard that one before. I got up slowely and stretched my back. I looked at the digital alarm clock next to my bed 19.23 pm.

"Are you fucking coming or not!?" I heard my dad yel from down the hall. God was I happy to not see him again. I walked down the stairs slowely, since I was stil a bit sleepy. My dad pushed me towards the car, almost making me trip. Wow dad, can you not?

We arrived at the airport at around half past eight pm since the closest airport was in Sydney, which was about an hour from the small town I'm from. "Get out." My dad snapped me out of my thoughts. I rolled my eyes and got out of the car, looking at the huge airport. I took my bag from the trunk and my parents just drove of. Like seriously? Not even a goodbye? I rolled my eyes and walked into the airport and about half an hour later I was on the plane.

I sat next to a guy around my age. "Hey I'm Michael." He spoke shaking my hand. "Allison." Michael was an average guy. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He didn't really look special. We chatted on for a bit until we both got really tired and fell asleep.

"Fasten your seetbelts, we're landing." I heard a womans voice say, waking me up. I sighed at the thought of seeing my cousin Louis again. Once we had landed Michael helped me with my bag and we chatted on as we walked to where girls were screaming. What the heck? 

Soon enough I saw a brown haired boy stick his head out through the screaming girls. "Ali!" He yelled. Why did he have to call me that? Me and Michael exchanged numbers and soon enough I was walking upto my cousin Louis Tomlinson. His bodyguards didn't let me through, seriously? "Guys it's okay, she's my cousin." Louis told them and they let me through. Louis hugged me but I pushed him away. "Don't touch me." I snapped following his body guards towards the car.


Hey guys! I'm sorry this chapter is sort of short and pretty rubbish but it's like 1 in the morning. I swear the next chapet will be better. x 

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