Protect Her

Alison is the school slut, she's the girl who tried to kill herself, the girl who always gets into trouble. When her parents can't handle her anymore they sent her to London, to live with her cousin, the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


18. Chapter 16

My eyes shot wide open and so did Louis' and Niall's. "Y-y- you're my dad?" I asked stuttering. "You're mom... she and your dad had gotten into a huge fight with eachother and she cheated on you're dad... with me. But when you were born I wanted to be a part of your life. So we came up with the lie of me being your dads friend even though we hate eachother." I nodded slowly. "Is that why he used to abuse me? Because I wasn't his?" Dan's eyes widened and I looked at the ground. "HE WHAT!?" I felt a tear roll down my cheeks but I whiped it away quickly. Dan pulled me into a hug. "It's okay princess, he can't hurt you anymore." I smiled. Dan had always been the only one who was actually nice to me. I felt happy to know I had a dad who didn't abuse me. Dan was a lawyer for famous and rich people. He always traveled alot. "You came here all the way from Australia to tell me this?" I asked and Dan nodded, causing me to cry from happynes. 

"I have to go to Amarica now, this was a stop but you have my number and if anything ever happens, call me or text me, it doesn't matter. I'll always be here for you princess." I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks dad." I whispered. He smiled at me and tried to hold back the tears before walking out of the door. On his way to the airport.


I woke up in my own room, the boys finally trusted me again and that made me happy. I smiled as the morning sun beamed in my face. I put on some music and started singing along to the songs before entering the shower. I shaved and washed my body. I brushed my teeth in the shower, I always did that in the shower and I don't know why. 

I walked towards my phone only wearing a towel and dialled Luke's number.

"Hello, this is Luke?"
"Luke it's me, Allison."
"Hey Alli."
"Can I come over today?"
"You can come over whenever you want."
"Thanks Luke."
"I'll see you later, text me?"
"I will, bye Luke."
"Bye Allison."

We hung up and I walked into my closet I put on some clothes and walked towards my bathroom, putting on some light make-up. 

(Allison's outfit)

I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs. "Louis I'm going over to my friend's house!" I yelled as I walked towards the front door. "Okay, text we when you'll get back!" I smiled. "yup!" I was happy I had Luke. He was one of my only friends. I had Niall offcourse but I just wanted to get away from Liam, Harry and Zayn so I had time to think proparly. 

"OHMYGOD YOU'RE ALLISON!" I heard someone say before 5 girls screamed my name and asked for pictures and autographs. I don't even know why since I'm really not that special. I went on pictures with the 5 girls, signed autographs and followed them on twitter before continuing my way to Luke's house.


I knocked on the door softly. The door opened after about 30 seconds and I smiled as Luke pulled me into a hug. When we walked in Michelle's mum, Marissa, hugged me tight and started crying saying how happy she was I was finally happy and so famous. I smiled and we hung out for the rest of the day, catching up and watching movies, we all got ice cream -where again people asked for pictures ad autographs- and I just had alot of fun that day. My phone rang and I smiled, picking up without looking at the ID.

"Hey Allison! Louis told me I had to tell you you should come back home, Louis and Liam are already cooking." 
"I'm on my way." 

I said goodbye to the people who were like my second family and walked back home. 


"Hey, I'm home!" I yelled smiling as I closed the door behind me. "Hey Alli, did you have fun?" Louis asked as I walked into the kitchen. I kissed his cheek. "Yup." He smiled and my eye fell on Liam standing next to us and flashing me a weak smile. I awkwardly looked down at my feet before leaving the kitchen. I sighed and walked into the livingroom. There were only 2 people downstairs: Harry and Zayn... great. "I'm going to Niall.." I mumbled. "Niall is on a plain love, he's visiting family." I looked down and nodded. "oh" Great now I have no one to talk to... I sat down on the ground -wich I always did- and stared at the tv screen as I felt eyes burning in my back.

"the coutch is really comfortable you know." Harry said. "Especially when you're in my arms." I didn't look around but by the tone of his voice I knew he was smirking. I turned around, Harry was smirking. I looked at Zayn who was already looking at me. I flashed him a weak smile and he looked away. I felt sad and looked down at the ground. "Allison can you come here really quick?" Louis asked from the kitches. "Yup!" I said before standing up,  stratching my back and walking towards the kitchen. 

"What's up Lou?" I asked him smiling. He smiled back at me. "Can you pleeaassee set the table?" He asked and I nodded, grabbing 6 plates. I put them on the table and quickly took six glasses. I also did the other stuf and before I knew it I was done. "I'm done." I said walking into the kitchen and to my suprise, Louis wasn't there. "We didn't have carrots, Louis is getting them." Liam explained. I nodded and flashed him a weak smile. "Niall told me he'd call you once he arrived in Ireland." Liam said and I noded. "Okay." Liam smiled and walked towards me. 

"I can't wait forever you know." He whispered in my ear. "Wait for w- what?" I stuttered. "For you to choose someone." I looked down at the ground. "Liam I'm sorry... everything is just so complicated right now and I really don't know what to do..." He opened his mouth but my ringtone cut him of. I smiled at the ID: Niall.

"Hey Nialler." I said smiling as I mouthed a sorry to Liam. He just nodded and turned back to cooking.
"Hey Alli! I'm sorry I left! My brother is getting married and he wanted me to help him find a suit, since his wedding is in a week and he doesn't have one yet." I smiled.
"Is you're brother getting married? Tell Greg I say congrats." I heard Niall repeat what I said to Greg.
"He sais thank you." I smiled. "But I wanted to ask you something." 
"And what's that, Nialler?"
"Well... As you know my brother is getting married in a week and I wanted to ask you if you'd want to be my date, as friends though... I mean I don't really know alot of girls and since you-"
"Niall, calm down." I giggled. "I'd love to."
"Really?" He asked excited.
"Yeah, offcourse. Plus, I've always wanted to go to Ireland"
"You'll love it! I'll see you in a week than. Bye Alli."

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