Protect Her

Alison is the school slut, she's the girl who tried to kill herself, the girl who always gets into trouble. When her parents can't handle her anymore they sent her to London, to live with her cousin, the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


14. chapter 13

I woke up the next morning next to Zayn. I wasn't cold anymore and I didn't feel like I had to puke 24/7. I glanced at the digital clock next to Zayn's bed. It was already 11 am. "How are you feeling?" Zayn's sudden talking made me jump, since I thought he was still sleeping. "I feel good. Way better than yesterday." I said smiling. "Great!" I nodded. "I think it was just because I haven't really slept well lately." Zayn nodded and helped me up before we walked downstairs.

"Guys, since we still have time left, wanna go to the beach?" Louis asked us smiling. We both nodded and everyone walked upstairs to change since everyone was still in their pyjama's. I walked towards my room and into my closet. I picked out some clothes and a cute bikini and slid them on.

(Allison's outfit)

I smiled at myself in the mirror. I liked my outfit alot. I put on my gladiator sandals and walked into the bathroom. I didn't feel like putting on everything so I just put on some bb cream, waterproof mascara and pink lipgloss. I smiled and walked downstairs. The boys stared at me wide-eyes making me feel blush. Was there something wrong?  "You look amazing." Liam said winking. I blushed even more and we walked towards the van.

*skipping the car ride*

Harry put an arm around me as we walked over the beach. We had a big part of the beach to ourseves so that no one would disturb us. The fans all turned to loving me when they knew I was Louis' niece. It made me happy and some people even made twitter accounts dedicated to me. About my fashion sence and what I was doing. It made me happy thinking about the fact that people actually find me interasting.

Liam pushed Harry of me and gave him a death glare. "Don't touch her." He snapped at him. Harry looked a bit taken back but then turned angry and it looked like he could attack Liam any minute. Harry got up and put his arm around me again not breaking eye contact with Liam. Liam pushed Harry again ready to pounch him. "Don't. Touch. My. Girl." Liam said trough gritted teeth. Harry got up and came close to Liam. "What did you sat?" He asked through gritted teeth. "Don't touch my girl." Liam repeated himself. "She's not your girl Liam." Harry said angrily. 

I put a hand to Liam's chest and pushed him back a little. "What are you doing?" I hissed. "You're my girl, he can't touch you like that." I rolled my eyes at him. "Harry is my friend, and so are you. Last time you talked to me was when we were at the hospital and now you're saying I'm your girl!?" I said angrily. He smirked and pulled me close. "Babe don't be mad." He said smiling. I turned my head. "Shut up I'm mad at you, let go of me." I snapped. He put a finger underneeth my chin and looked me in the eyes and pouted. "Baby don't be mad, you like me right?" He said like a small child. I bit my lip. He was absolutely adorable. He cupped my cheeks and stared into my eyes before pressing his lips against mine. I felt my knees get weak and kissed him back. 

After a while whe I realised what I was doing I pushed him away. "I don't know how I feel..." I whispered before walking towards Louis who was in a deep conversation with Niall. I sat down behind him and messed his hair up. He just chuckled and continued his conversation. I smiled when I looked at Zayn who was burrying Harry in the sand and Liam helping him. I'm so happy they're not mad at eachother. I took of my sandles and my shirt. "What are you doing?" Louis asked. "Y'all are boring I'm going in the water." He nodded and I took of my shorts before running into the water. 

I didn't realise Louis had followed me until I felt him splash water on me. I laughed and splashed back. I squeeled everytime the cold water hit me until I got used to it. I don't think I've ever laughed this hard before. Louis picked me up and threw me into the water causing me to gasp. He was laughing uncontrolably and so were the other boys. I glanced over at them and pouted. Harry ran into the water and threw me over his shoulder before running back to the sand and layed me down on his huge towel. I giggled and he looked at my body up and down biting his lip. Was he checking me out? He pecked my lips and winked. My cheeks started to heat up and I giggled as he chuckled.

He layed down and I layed inbetween his legs. He suddenly threw a bottle of cold water over me making me squeel as the cold water hit me. Harry started laughing uncontrolably just like the other guys. I pouted again and squirmed to get out of his grip, he let out a slight moan. "Unless you want me to do you right here, you should really stop moving like that." My eyes widened and I stared looked at him. I felt my cheeks heat up and quickly got out of his grip and sat down next to Niall and Louis when Paul came walking up to us. "We should go if we want to be at the arena in time." He said and we all nodded and put on our clothes and shoes before getting into the van and driving towards the arena. 


The boys had changed and been in make-up already. I was currently sitting on the couch. "Allison, can I talk to you?" Liam asked me and I nodded. "Sure." I stood up and followed him into the long hall. Liam looked around us and pushed me against the wall. He grabbed my waist and pressed his lips against mine. My arms wrapped around his neck, pulling us even closer. 

After about 20 seconds Liam licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I gave him. Our tongues fought for a moment when Liam put his hands inbetween my thighs, making me jump and wrap my legs around either side of his waist. My stomach did a backflip and after a while we pulled back, catching our breathes and staring into eachothers eyes. I opened my mouth to say something but Liam put a finger in front of my mouth. "Don't say anything." He whispered as he put our foreheads together before pecking me on the lips. I smiled and he put me down on the floor. I felt like this couldn't get any better.

"You still can't tell anyone, Allison." I furrowed my eyebrows. "Please understand, I haven't talked to management yet... plus everyone loves you and it seems like you're really into Harry. I just don't want anyone to know yet..." I thought that before he couldn't be with me because of Danielle but now I realised what he was actually saying. "You're ashamed of me?" I whispered with a huge lump in my throat. "No, Allison... I-"

"Save it Liam..." I whispered before walking back into the dressingroom.


I'm sorry this chapter is a bit rubbish but it's 1:14 in the morning and I just really wanted to update for you guys. Tell me you're thoughts on this story and who you want Allison to be with, I'm curious! Also shipnamed would be fun.

Love y'all

~ @Niallersloser

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