Protect Her

Alison is the school slut, she's the girl who tried to kill herself, the girl who always gets into trouble. When her parents can't handle her anymore they sent her to London, to live with her cousin, the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


11. chapter 10

*3 weeks later*

I felt horrible since I've been ignoring Liam for three weeks now. He tried to talk to me but I was affraid of what he was going to say. I had gotten alot closer with the other boys. I smiled as I walked towards Harry's room. "Hey curly." I said jokingly. "Seriously, Allison? Curly? Was that the best you could think of?" I sighed. "You're saying that like it's a bad thing." He chuckled "You know you love me." Zayn joked. "Never in your wildest dreams." I joked giggling. "Well I feel the love, Allison." 

Harry looked at me and started smirking. "oh-oh" I said before running out of the room with Harry chasing me. I ran down the stairs and I was almost in the livingroom when Zayn freaking tackled me to the floor. He brought his hands to my sides. "No Zayn, please not again." the smirk appeared again and he started tickling me."Harry come help me." And that's exactly what he did. I laughed so hard and I felt like I was going to die. With the last strength I had I turned us around. I was now sitting on him. "Never do that again." They both chuckled and I ran into the livingroom.

"LEWISSSS, HAIRYYY AND ZEN TICKLED ME AGAIN!" I yelled and Louis started laughing. "Sometimes you're such a baby." I gasped and looked at him. "Go tell that to Kevin, Jennifer." I said smirking and he stopped laughing, but the other boys bursted into laughter. "You won this round, Allison." He said chuckling and I walked towards the kitchen. "Whatever I'm getting myself food." 

I walked into the livingroom to find we have litteraly no food. "LOUIS THERE IS NO FOOD ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!?" I yelled I heard Niall run down the stairs. "YOU GUYS ARE MONSTERS, WHY DON'T WE HAVE FOOD!?" He yellled making me giggle. I ran into the livingroom and jumped on Nialls back. "Come on Nialler, lets get some food." He nodded like a small child and since we were like 'yolo' We were both wearing pyjama pants, a white v-neck (his was normal mine was cropped) and we both wore white, low cut converse.

(Niall and Allison's outfits)

Niall hadn't done his hair and my hair was randomly up in a messy bun. I took mysunglasses since it was 3pm -we had a lazy day, the other boys are also wearing pyjmas- Niall also took his sunglasses and his wallet and we walked towards his car. He opened the passengers door for me and I thanked him. 

"Are you ready to finally be seen in public" I was pretty nervous, since the boys always hid me my I was ready for it. I smiled and nodded. Niall smiled. "Good." He looked me up and down. "You look pretty." He said as he put a hand on my leg. "Uhmm thanks Nialler..." He smiled and drove of. We sang along to the radio and before we knew it we arrived. There were alot of paps taking pictures of us. "Wait" Niall said before getting out and opening my door for me. I smiled and thanked him. 

Niall and me made our way to the entrence and the paps were still yelling questions and making pictures through the glass door. We got about two carts full of food and walked towards the cash register. Niall got on a few pictures and peope asked me if I was his girlfriend. I always told them no and that Niall was my best friend, but if I heard it correctly Niall said. 'not yet' I probably heard it wrong though. Niall rolled one cart and I rolled one cart. We put the bags in the car and drove back home.


"The two of you are never going foodshopping again." Zayn said as he looked at all the bags wide eyed. Niall and me just sort of awkwardly stood there. 

We ate and I was currently sitting in the livingroom when me and Niall came on the tv. "GUYS!" I yelled since they were all upstairs. I heard footsteps and when they were in the livingroom I just pointed at the tv. It was a story of about me and Niall 'dating' my eyes widened. These paps are really good in taking pictures. There were pictures of me and Niall smiling at eachother and stuf and I swear if I was someone else I would say that we looked in love. My phone suddenly went crazy. Twitter. How did they even find my twitter.

Everyone was calling me names and hating on me. Some even told me I should kill myself. I got a huge lump in my throat that wouldn't go away. "No one cares about you and no one ever will, hunny do us a favor and kill yourself." That was one of many tweets. I felt like I was going to cry. "I'm going to my room." I said, my voice nothing more than a whisper. Liam walked up to me and pulled me into a hug."Please don't" I whispered before walking towards my room. 

I closed and locked the door behind me. I layed down on my bed and cried softly. I have been depressed before but never this bad. I took my phone and started getting texts. From old classmates, calling me ugly and fat, saying that I don't deserve Niall and that he's only hanging out with me because he feels sorry for me. And to be honest... I started to believe them. I logged onto facebook, somewhere I haven't been on in a long time. Facebook was worst. People only told me to kill myself and the names were worst. People actually tagged me in pictures: Of bleach, ropes, high buildings, knives... All that kind of stuf. I cried harder and walked towards my drawer, taking out the little blade.

I walked into my bathroom and broke down right there, on the floor. I sat in the bathtub and pressed the blade against my skin until the blood started flowing, I pressed the blade against my skin again... and again... and again... until both of my arms were full of cuts. I've cut so many times it doesn't even hurt anymore, it feels... relieving. Mostly when I cut I forget about my problems for at least a little while. Not this time. My phone buzzed again and the stupid person I am, looked at it. There was -once again- a lot of hate. I cried when my eyes fel on one message on facebook. 

I get why your parents beat you up, I get why everyone beats you up, you're a fuckup, nothing more! Everyone hates you and you know it. You're disgusting. I wish you would've died  that night you attempted suicide. No one would miss you anyway. Do the world a favor and try it again. Make it work this time. :) x

I stood up and screamed. I threw my phone to the wall and broke down again. I cried harder this time, not caring if anyone heard me. I cried and cried. I heard knocking on the door. "Allison, are you okay?" I heard Zayn's voice speak. I didn't react. I turned opened my nightstand and took out the bottle of sleepings pills. Should I? "ALLISON ANSWER, PLEASE!" I heard Zayn yell as he knocked on the door harder and harder. I didn't respond. I heard him call for the other boys but I didn't care. "ALLISON OPEN THE DOOR!" Louis yelled, clearly crying. I walked into the bathroom crying and locked the bathroom door. The bathroom had stil alot of blood in it. 

"ALLISON PLEASE!" Niall's Irish voice yelled. "ALLISON COME ON OPEN UP!" Liam yelled. I heard in by their voices both of them were crying. "ALLISON COME ON THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" Harry yelled. He was also crying. I looked around. 

"You're disgusting." I told her. She just stared at me. I hated her, I hated everything about her, her make-up was smudged and her hair was all over the place, she looked disgusting. She was fat and ugly, the scars on her arms only makinf it worst. I hated her. I wanted her to die. "You're disgusting." I said and she -once again- didn't reply. The worst part? The girl I was talking to, the girl that disgusted me so mutch, the girl I wanted to die. 

That girl was me.

I got in the now half full bathtub, not bothering to take of my clothes. I swallowed half the bottle of pills when I heard the door to my room burst open, followed by knocking on the door. It was so loud. I quickly swallowes the other half of the pills and threw the bottle on the floor. "ALLISON! ANSWER ME THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" It was Zayn. This was the first tiime I heard him cry. "ALLISON COME ON, I LOVE YOU!" Louis yelled and the tears rushed down my face. 

My vision went blurry and breathing got harder. I breathed heavily. The door burst open and there they were. 5 crying boys. My breathig got heavier and heavier and so did my eyes. Louis ran to me and put his fingers down my throat, causing me to throw up. My vision got blurry again, really blurry this time. I couldn't see anything, everything just looked like stains. I felt someone pick me up from the bathroom and I smiled as I saw a stain that looked like me. I was to weak to keep my head up. I stared at the stain and than smiled. "you won." I whispered with the last strength I had before everything went black.


(A/N) Hey guys, what do you think so far? Is it good? What do you think should happen. I'll update the next chapter later today :)

love y'all

~ @Niallersloser

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