Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


5. Truth Or Dare

*This chapter has some dirty parts*


Jocelyn's p.o.v


Liam drove us to the beach. 'Why are we at the beach?' I asked. 'I'm not sure I just wanted to be alone with you' he said blushing. I started blushing but turned away so he wouldn't see me. We got out the car and walked to the water. When we got to the sand he picked me up and ran to the water.

'Put me down Liam' I said trying to be serious. 'Ok' he said before throughing me into the water. I tried to act mad but I ended up laughing with Liam. 'I need to ask you something' he said. 'Ask away' I said. 'Will you be my girlfriend?' he asked nervous. 'Hell yeah' I yelled hugging him. We started to splash each other. After awhile of chasing each other and messing around we decided to go back to his house.

'Where did you guys go?' Maria asked. 'And why are you wet?' Kiara asked. 'We went to the beach and I asked Jocelyn to be my girlfriend and she said yes' Liam said smiling. 'YAY lets through a party since Kiara and Niall are dating you and Liam and Zayn and me' Maria said kissing Zayn in the cheek. 'That's an awesome idea babe' Zayn said kissing Maria but in the lips. 'Ew we're still here' Julia yelled. 'Oh yeah Julia and Harry are still single' Maria said planning something. 'Oh go I know that face your planning something aren't you Maria?' Britney asked. 'Maybe' she said cuddling with Zayn.


~At The Party~


Maria and Kiara planned the whole party. The boys, Eleanor, Julia, and I were on our way. They said it was going to be at Maria's house so that's where we're going. We finally arrived the drive here was so boring which is weird because the drives are always fun wit the boys. We got out the car and went inside the house.

The house had streamers and balloons every where. Once we went inside music was blasting through the whole house. Maria ad Kiara then came down the stairs dancing. We all started dancing along to the music except for Kiara and Niall, they were making out again. Why is it that they are always making out? Someone then stopped the music.

'Okay we are know going to play truth or dare' Maria said making us sit in a circle. 'Okay Julia truth or dare?' Maria asked. 'Dare' she said. 'Okay I dare you to kiss...Harry' Maria said smirking. 'Okay' Julia said and kissed Harry. 'Okay Jocelyn Truth or Dare?' Julia asked after the kiss. 'Dare' I said nervous. 'I dare you to go outside with Liam and push him into the pool' She whispered in my ear. 'Okay i'll do that later but first I need to talk to Liam' I said winking at her. 'Okay'

Liam and I went to the back yard. 'What did you want to talk about?' Liam asked. 'I'm sorry but I was dare to do this' I said before pushing him into the pool. I then ran inside and Liam had gone out of the pool. He then started chasing me around. 'Okay Liam go get a towel from the bathroom' Kiara said laughing her ass off. 'Zayn truth or dare?' I asked. 'Dare' he said. 'Okay I dare you to go outside and yell whatever you want' I said not really knowing what to say. 'Okay' he said really happy. He then went outside. 'I LOVE MARIA' he yelled. 'AW' we all said while Maria just blushed. Zayn then came back inside and gave Maria a kiss on the lips.

'Louis truth or dare?' Zayn asked. 'Dare' he said. 'I dare you to go make out with Eleanor in the bathroom for 5 minutes' Zayn said. 'Okay I was going to do that when we  got home any ways' Louis said smirking.

5 minutes later they came back. 'Okay Harry truth or dare?' Louis asked. 'Truth' he said. 'Finally a truth, Who do you like?' Louis asked. 'Um...Julia' he said blushing as did Julia. 'Truth or dare Kiara?' Harry asked. 'Dare' she said. 'I dare you to like whip cream from Niall' Harry said trying not to laugh. 'YES' Niall yelled. We all just laughed at how excited he was. Niall then pulled is shirt off and Harry put whipped cream all over him. Kiara then started to lick it off.

'Maria truth or dare?' Kiara asked. 'Dare' she said. 'I dare you to give Zayn a blow job in the bathroom' Kiara said with a grin. Maria and Zayn then went upstairs. We could hear Zayn moaning from upstairs. We all started laughing our asses off about how loud he was being. They then came back downstairs and Maria was blushing a lot.

'Liam truth or dare?' Maria asked. 'Dare' he said. 'I dare you to...go upstairs with Jocelyn and' Maria said whispering the rest to Liam. 'No' he said. 'You have to' Maria said. 'Fine' he said blushing. Liam then dragged me upstairs. He pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. I would have pushed him away but it was Liam and I would never say no to him. He then put his hand down my pants and started fingering me. After awhile he pulled away and kissed me. 'Lets go downstairs' he said. 'Was that the dare?' I asked. 'Yup' he said embarrassed. 'I like it' I said walking downstairs.

'Truth  or dare Niall?' Liam asked. 'Truth' he said. 'Would you want to marry Kiara?' Liam asked. 'Yes' Niall said blushing more than before. 'Eleanor truth or dare?' Niall said changing the subject. 'Truth' she said. 'Do you love Louis?' Niall asked. 'Um...not really' she said then ran out the door. Louis just sat there shocked.


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