Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


18. The Day After

Jocelyn's p.o.v


I woke up in Liam's arm, I have been dreaming about this day since we started dating. I'm the happiest person alive right now. I never thought this was going to be my summer. I love Liam so much and I would never leave him for anything in the world, he's the best thing that has happened to me.

After a few more minutes Liam woke up and kissed my nose. 'Good morning babe' he said pulling me closer to him. 'Morning' I said pecking his lips. 'What do you want for breakfast?' he asked getting up. '' I said. 'Oh okay 'he said winking. 'I was joking I  would rather have one of the other boys' I said walking downstairs. 'Well I would rather have one of your friends' he said walking pasted me. 'I was joking I don't want anyone that's not you' I said hugging him. 'I only said that because I um...' he trailed off. 'Because you were jealous' I said. '' he said looking away. 'Aw you are jealous' giving him a kiss. 'Okay maybe a little' he said turning red. 'Don't be I love you and only you' I said. 'I love you too' he said.

'Okay what do you want for breakfast?' he asked again. 'Pancakes' I said hopping on his back. 'TO THE KITCHEN' he yelled making me laugh. We then started making the pancakes.

When we finished we went to go eat. When we finished eating we decided to go take a shower. As we were taking a shower my phone started to ring. I got out and saw it was Maria so I answered it.

~Phone Convo~

M-We need to go out for lunch you, Julia, and me

J-Sure lets invite Jayde too

M-Yes lets meet at Starbuck

J-Okay I'll call her what time?

M-In one hour

J-Okay bye


~End Of Phone Convo~

'Who was it?' Liam asked getting out the shower. 'Maria, she wants us girls to go to Starbucks and hang out' I said changing into one of Liam's shirts and grey sweat pants. 'Aw so we cant hang out any more?' he asked pouting. 'No maybe later' I said brushing me hair. 'Okay' he said walking into his room. I brushed my teeth and then went downstairs to call Jayde.

~Phone Convo~


Jocelyn-Hey um would you like to hang out with the girls and I?


Jocelyn-Okay i'll pick you up

Jayde-Okay im at Louis house

Jocelyn-Okay im on my way bye

~End Of Phone Convo~

I got my phone and gave Liam a kiss before walking out the door and driving to Louis house.

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