Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


8. The Break Up

Jocelyn's p.o.v


I was lying on m bed just thinking about Liam and how he cheated on me. I was about to get up and take a shower when someone knocked on the door. Its probably Julia who came to make sure I was okay. I then went downstairs and opened the door but found Liam standing at the door instead of Julia.

'What do you want?' I said coldly. 'Julia and Harry told me that you saw when Sophia kissed me' he said looking at the ground. 'Yeah I did but you didn't even push her away' I said trying to be strong. 'I swear I did push her back she wanted us to get back together but I told her no' he said grabbing my hand but I pulled it away. 'I don't believe you' I said as a tear fell. 'Please believe me I love you and only you' he said begging. 'I'm not so sure about that' I said about to close the door but he stopped it with his foot. 'What can I do for you to believe me' he said as a tear rolled down his cheek. 'No its over and there's nothing you can do now please go' I said sobbing. 'Okay I just need you to know that I love you and..' I closed the door before he could finish.

I ran up to my room and cried into my pillow. I then started remembering the good times we had together. I then decided to take a shower. When I finished I changed into some pjs and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up and just laid on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I really didn't feel like getting out of bed so I decided to just stay here. I turned the tv on and flipped through the channels and then noticed a One Direction interview was on. Once I saw Liam on tv I quickly turned it off and decided to sleep some more.

I got up and noticed it was getting dark so what's the point of getting up. I checked my phone and saw I had 20 missed calls and 32 messages. I decided to just ignore them and go back to sleep.


~2 weeks later~


I woke up with someone knocking on the door. I went to go open it and saw it was Julia, Kiara, and Maria. I'm so glad it wasn't Liam.

'Hey come on in' I said not really in the mood. 'Omg you look so pale have you been eating?' Kiara asked. 'Not really' I said not wanting to hear what they were going to say. 'Of course you haven't I bet all you do is shower and sleep or am I wrong?' Maria asked worried. 'No your right i'm just tired that's all' I said. 'We don't believe you we know its because of the break up so we're going to make you eat right know' Julia said going to the kitchen. 'No guys im fine, im not hungry I just want to be alone' I said getting up. I was about to walk up stairs when I blacked out.


Liam's p.o.v


I was in the living room watching a movie with the boys. I haven't really been in the mood to do anything since the break up. I really miss Jocelyn. I then got a call from Maria.

~Phone Convo~


L-Why what happened?

M-Its...its Jocelyn she fainted and we had to bring her to the hospital

L-What im on my way

~End Of Phone Convo~

'What happened? Is everything okay?' Harry asked. 'Its Jocelyn she's at the hospital' I said putting my shoes on. 'Were going with you' Niall said as I ran out the door and to my car.

When we got to the hospital I ran up to a nurse and ask her about Jocelyn. 'Oh im her nurse I was just about to go see her follow me' she said. When we got to her room I saw her lying on the bed like if she was dead her face was pale and she looked weak. 'What's wrong with her?' I asked the nurse. 'Her friends said that they  went to go visit her and she looked pale. They told me that Jocelyn told them that she hasn't really been eating for about 2 weeks and when she was about to go upstairs she fainted' the nurse said. A tear then rolled down my cheek. 'Are you family or something?' the nurse asked. 'She's my ex but I still love her' I said looking at the ground. 'That's so sweat ill leave you guys alone by the way her friends will be here any minute they went to go get her some food' she said walking out.

I went to go sit in the chair next to her. It breaks my heart seen her like this, I wish I could do something. I love her so much and she's like this because of me, its all my fault. If I never went to go meet up with Sophia Jocelyn would be okay and we would be together and happy. I kissed her hand  as tears kept rolling down my cheeks.

A few minutes later she started moving. She then opened her eyes and when she saw me a tear rolled down her cheek.

























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