Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


24. Finding The Girls

Harry's p.o.v


We finally arrived at LA, it was night here so we decided to go to a hotel and look for them tomorrow morning. When we go to the hotel we made sure there was no one in the lobby and to our luck there was no one. When we got the rooms, we all went straight to bed.

I woke up to Louis jumping on the bed screaming 'Wake up, wake up, wake up' I pushed h bed and he fell to the floor, I just laughed at his face. 'Your so mean to me' he whined. 'Yeah, yeah whatever' I said getting out of bed and then going to change. When I finished getting ready, I saw all the lads sitting on the bed waiting for me. 'Okay lets go' I said walking out the room. we quickly snuck out of the hotel without anyone seeing us. We made sure to stay at the closest hotel near Malibu beach, so we could just walk over to Jayde's flat.

When we got to their flat, we saw Kiara talking to some guy, son we hid so they wouldn't see us. 'Ricker your so funny' Kiara said smiling. I looked over at Niall and he was getting mad. 'Haha and your hot' Ricker said  making Kiara blush. 'That's it' Niall said walking up to them. 'Niall wait' Liam said as we walked towards them. 'N-Niall' Kiara said.


Jocelyn's p.o.v


We ere watching tv, when we heard Kiara say Niall. 'What?' Julia said walking over to the door. 'Harry' Julia said. 'What are you two talking about?' I said as Jayde, Maria, and I walked over to the door. 'What's goin- Fuck' I said as I saw 1D at the door. 'How did you find us?' I asked.

'I'll just go and leave you all to talk' Ricker said. 'Yeah leave no one wants you hear' Niall said angry. 'Shut up, I'll see you tomorrow' Kiara said giving Ricker a kiss on the cheek. Niall was red by now. 'Really, you had to give him a kiss?' Niall asked. 'Fuck you' Kiara said coldly. 'You already have' Niall said smirking, Kiara just rolled her eyes.

'What are you guys doing here?' Jayde asked changing the subject. 'We came back for you all' Louis said taking Jayde's hands but she pulled them away. 'So you go to a strip and you except us to forgive you that easily' Julia yelled. 'Well we were hoping' Harry mumbled. 'Please let us explain everything' Zayn said. 'I cant do this' Maria said running out the house crying, Zayn ran after her. 'Go away and never come back' I yelled. 'No were not leaving till you forgive us' Niall said. 'Why? So you can hurt us again?' I asked. 'Come on Kiara were having a baby' Niall plead. 'No I'm having a baby' Kiara said. 'Please let us explain' Liam said. 'NO NOW LEAVE' Jayde yelled slamming the door in their faces.

'I cant believe they came after what they did' I said crying. 'How did they even find out where we live?' Julia asked. 'I don't know but we'll find out' Kiara said.


Maria's p.o.v


I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out of there. I knew that if I spend any more time with Zayn I would end up forgiving him, so I ran out of the house. 'Maria wait' Zayn yelled running after me. Of course he was going to run after me, Why did I not think about that? I started running faster, I turned my head around to see if I had lost him, but ended up bumping into someone.

'OMG I'm so sorry' I said not looking at the person. 'It's fine wait Maria?' the person said. 'Austin' I said hugging him. 'Why are you crying he asked. 'It's nothing' I said looking down. 'Finally you stopped running' Zayn said breathing heavily. 'Leave me alone' I yelled. 'Is he bothering you?' Austin asked me. 'Who the fuck are you?' Zayn asked Austin angrily. 'Her future boyfriend' Austin said pointing at me.

I saw Zayn clenching his fist and I knew exactly what he was going to do, he punched Austin in the face. 'You shouldn't have done that' Austin said smirking. 'I'm not afraid of you' I heard Zayn say. Austin then bunched Zayn in the face and started beating Zayn up infront of everyone. Zayn tried to fight back but he couldn't, Austin was much stronger. 'Leave him alone' I yelled at Austin. 'So now you defending him' Austin yelled turning to me. 'Just go away' I yelled. 'Fine' he said kicking Zayn one more time in the stomach.

When he left I ran up to Zayn and helped him up. 'I'm so sorry this is all my fault' I said crying. 'No, it's not' Zayn said in pain. 'I'm going to take you back to the house since its close' I said. 'But what about the girls?' he asked. 'I'll sneak you into my room' I said. 'Okay'

When we got to the house, I opened the door a little to make sure no one was in the living room. Nobody was there so I quickly helped Zayn in and we went to my room without anyone looking. When we got to me room, he went to go sit in my bed while I went to go get the first aid kit from the bathroom. When I came back he was shirtless, I couldn't help but stare.

'Like what you see?' he asked smirking. 'Haha please I've seen better' I said also smirking. 'Really? Who?' he asked. Shit. 'Um...well' I said not able to think of anyone. 'Your such a liar' he said laughing. 'Look who's talking' I mumbled  but he still heard. 'About that, I'm so sorry I love you so much and I wouldn't be able to live without you' he said. 'I'm not sure about that' I said looking at the floor. 'Remember when you were at the hospital, I never left your side because I wanted to be the first thing you say when you woke up and because I loved you and I still do' he said as I sat next to him on the bed. 'Well love doesn't last forever' I said not wanting to look at him. 'Well out love will' he said moving my face to face his. 'Please don't ever hurt me again' I said. 'Does that mean I get another chance?' he asked. I nodded as he leaned in to kiss me.



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