Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


15. Clubbing

Jocelyn's p.o.v


We were all at my house watching a movie. I was cuddling with Liam and Maria was sitting on Zayn's lap. When the movie was over I decided to ask Louis about Eryn.

'So Louis how are things going with Eryn?' I asked. 'Well I found out that she had a boyfriend but it's fine, we're still friends' he said looking down. 'I'm sure the right girl will come along' I said giving him a hug. 'Yeah' he said. 'So how about we all go clubbing?' Maria asked. 'That's actually a good idea' Liam agreed. 'Okay then we'll go and get ready and pick you girls up at 8' Zayn said. 'Perfect' Maria said kissing Zayn on the lips.

After the boys left Maria and I went to go get ready since it was already 5:30. Maria went to go take a shower while I chose what to wear. I finally decided on a cute tight yellow dress. When Maria finished taking a shower I went to go take one myself. When I finished taking a shower I straightened my hair and did my makeup. I then put my dress on and put on some black heels. I grabbed my purse and went down stairs to see Maria ready. She was wearing  tight white dress with gold heels. Her hair was curled and she had a little bit of makeup on.

'The boys are on their way' Maria said sitting on the couch. 'Okay' I said sitting next to her. 'I'm glad everything worked out with you and Liam, you guys make such a cute couple' she said smiling. 'Thanks so do you and Zayn the way he looks at you and cares for you, you can really tell he loves you' I said. 'Yeah I'm glad I have him' she said blushing. I was about to say something but I got interrupted by someone knocking on the door.

I went to go open it and saw all 3 boys. 'WOW' Zayn said looking at Maria, she just looked down at the ground blushing. He then went up to her and gave her a kiss. 'You look beautiful like always' Liam said kissing my cheek. 'Thank you' I said. 'Can we go now?' Louis asked. 'Yup' Maria said dragging Zayn out.

~Skip The Car Ride~

When we got to the club we went to go sit on at a table while the Liam and Louis went to get us some drinks. I wish Julia and Harry were here but they were busy doing things, which I don't want to know about. When the boys came back they handed us our drinks. 'Let's go dance' Zayn said to Maria. 'Okay' she said as the got up and soon disappeared in the crowd. 'I'm going to the go get another drink' Louis said getting up. 'Want to dance?' Liam asked. 'Sure' I said getting up. He grabbed my hand and then we started walking to the dance floor.


Louis's p.o.v


I went to the bar and ordered a beer. Before I knew it I had already had 4 beers. 'You might want to stop drinking' I heard someone say. 'I'm Jayde by the way' she said smiling. 'Louis' I said putting the beer down. 'Do you want to dance?' Jayde asked. 'Um...sure' I said standing up. We danced for a while then we went to go sit down at the table where I was sitting at before.

'Do you want me to take you home?' Jayde asked. 'Sure, let me just tell my friends' I said about to stand up but then I saw them coming over. 'Lads this is Jayde, Jayde this is Liam, Jocelyn, Maria, and Zayn' I said pointing to each of them. 'Oh Louis got a girl' Zayn started teasing me, I just blushed. 'No I just met her she taking me home' I said still blushing. 'Lets go then, it was really nice meeting you guys' Jayde said helping me up. 'Bye have fun' Maria yelled as we started walking.

When we got to my house, Jayde helped me up to my room. 'Well, I should go now' she said opening the door from my room. 'WAIT, can you stay with me?' I asked blushing. 'Of course' she said. 'You can borrow one of my shirts if you like they're in the first drawer to the left' I said. 'Thanks' she said taking one and going to the bathroom to change.

When she finished I looked at her and noticed her beautiful blue eyes and long red hair. 'So where am I going to sleep?' she asked. 'You can sleep with me' I said blushing again. 'You blush a lot' she said sitting down next to me on the bed. 'Um...' I said not really knowing what to say. 'It's fine I do too when I'm around hot guys like you' she said starting to blush. 'Thank you, I guess' I said getting closer to her.

By now we were inches apart and I was starting to feel butterflies. 'We should go to bed' she whispered laying down. 'Yeah' I said also laying down. 'Good night' she said turning the lights off. 'Good night'


Jocelyn's p.o.v


'OMG I'm so happy for Louis I hope she's the one' I said happy as we arrived at my house. 'Yup, he deserves someone who loves him' Liam added. 'Yeah' Maria agreed. 'Maria and I should leave I have a surprise for her at my house' Zayn said smiling. 'Oh yeah you to should go then' I said trying not to laugh. 'Okay then lets go' Maria said standing up.

When they left I looked at Liam and smiled. 'They are so having sex' I said and Liam just laughed. 'We should have some fun too' Liam said kissing me. He then started kissing down my neck. 'Nah I'm tired' I said pushing him away and walking upstairs to my room. 'Fine but can I at least spend the night?' Liam asked pouting. 'Hmm...okay but only because I want to cuddle' I said changing into an over sized t-shirt. 'Yay' he said then started taking his clothes off. When he was left in just boxers he jumping in bed and gave me a kiss. 'Good night babe' he said. 'Good night'

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