Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


13. Bored

Jocelyn's p.o.v


Zayn is such a good boyfriend, he takes care of Maria all the time and he's always there with her. They make such a cute couple, I wish Liam and I were like that. I want to ask him out but I don't know if I should, I mean I'm the one who broke up with him and told him that we should be friends. I miss his kisses, his hugs and all of him.

I got out the shower and changed into some black skinny jeans with a purple strapless shirt. I then put on some black toms and curled my hair. After I put on some mascara, foundation, and chap stick. I went downstairs and watched a movie. When the movie was over I decided to call Maria,

~Phone Convo~



M-Hey what up?

J-I just finished watching a movie and you?

M-Sitting on the couch, Zayn went to go buy food

J-Oh do you know how Kiara is?

M-No I haven't heard from her at all

J-Oh, hey I'm getting a call from Liam

M-Okay bye

~Next Phone Convo~


J-Hey what up?

L-Oh I just called to ask if you wanted to hang out?


L-Okay I'm on m way


~End Of Phone Convo~

After a few minutes of waiting there was a knock on my door, so I went to go open it. 'Hey come on in' I said inviting Liam in. 'Thanks so are you ready?' he asked. 'Yup let me just get my purse' I said running upstairs. 'Okay lets go'




*Sorry this chapter is short*

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