Summer Love

Schools out and guess what that means, its summer time. Jocelyn and her 4 friends have a summer all planned out. On the first day of summer they decided to go to the movies and they meet One Direction. Do all their plans change? What happens from there? Do they fall in love? Read and find out.
~I wrote this fan fiction for my friend Jocelyn~


3. At The Party

Jocelyn's p.o.v


We arrived at Britney's house and there was a lot of people. I went to the kitchen and saw Kiara talking with some friends. I walked up to her.

'Hey I thought you were grounded?' I asked raising and eyebrow. 'Yeah I still am I kind of sneaked out again' she said looking at the ground. 'OMG again you're in big trouble if you get caught again' I said. 'I know but I had to come' she said. 'Okay well lets go have some fun' I said pulling her into the living room.

We were dancing when I saw the boys. I went up to them and jumped on Liam's back. I got off and he turned around. When saw me he quickly smiled.

'Hey' he said giving me a hug. 'Hi' I said hugging back. 'Where's Maria?' Zayn asked. 'Over there'  said pointing at them. All the boys except Liam followed Zayn to the living room. Liam and I just stood there in awkward silence. 'Let's go with them' I said pulling Liam through the crowd.

I introduced the boys to Kiara and Britney. I could see how Niall and Kiara looked at each other so I purposely pushed Kiara into Niall. 'Oops' I said trying not to laugh. 'It's fine' they both said then looked at each other. 'Um...Kiara want to go dance?' Niall asked nervously. 'Sure' she replied. 'That was easy' I said once they left. 'Wait you did that on purpose?' Maria asked. 'Yup'

We the started dancing and drank a little bit of alcohol. I went up stairs with Britney and we saw Kiara and Niall making out. 'Get a room' I yelled as we walked away laughing. I then go pushed against someone. 'Oh hey can I talk to you outside for a minute?' Liam asked. 'Sure' I said as we walked to the back yard.

We sat down on the ground with our feet in the water. 'So what's up?' I asked. ' don't know how to say this' Liam said looking away. 'Just tell me' I said turning his head to face me. He then cupped my face with his hands and leaned in to kiss me. We kissed for awhile until we finally both pulled away. 'I'm sorry' he said looking down. 'It's fine I actually liked it' I said blushing. 'Really?' he asked. 'Yeah, I have kind of liked you since the first time we meet' I was blushing even more. 'Me too but I was scared that you wouldn't like me back' he said smiling. 'Well I do' I said as we both started to lean in. we were about to kiss again when we herd 'Fight, fight, fight.' We went inside and saw Maria fighting with some other chick.


Maria's p.o.v


I was dancing with Zayn when some chick came and kissed him. I got so jealous that I pulled her away from Zayn. 'What the fuck is your problem?' she yelled. 'What's my problem it's more of what's your problem your the one that came and kissed Zayn' I yelled back. 'Aw is somebody jealous' she said trying to sound like a baby. ' was just rude didn't you see we were dancing?' I asked getting angry. 'I don't care' she said pushing me on the ground. That's it.

I got up and went up to her and slapped her. She grabbed my hair and started pulling on it but I got her to let go. I then punched her in the face. Everyone started gathering around chanting 'Fight, fight, fight' so that's what we did. Jocelyn, Julia, and Britney tried to separate us but failed. Zayn then pulled me away from her. I looked at him and ran out the house.


Jocelyn's p.o.v


After Zayn pulled Maria away from that girl she went running out the house. Maria seriously beat the shit out of that girl. She had blood all over her face while Maria only had a few scratches.

I went after her. She was sitting in the car crying. I got in and hugged her. 'You like him don't you?' I asked. 'I think I love him I got really jealous when she kissed Zayn but he must hate me now' she said sobbing into her hands. 'He doesn't hate you he's probably just shocked about what happened' I said trying to calm her. 'What if he doesn't want to she me ever again?' she said. 'Don't think that do you want me to take you home?' I asked. 'Can I stay over at you r house?' she asked. 'Sure' I said starting the car.

I drove us back to my place. When we got there I gave her some clothes to sleep in. After she changed she went to the guest room. 'When she fell asleep I called Liam.

~Phone Convo~

Liam-Hey so what happened with Maria?

Jocelyn-She just fell asleep she at my house

Liam- Good I don't think she should be alone right now

Jocelyn-Yeah I wouldn't want her to either so what happened when we left?

Liam-Britney ended the party and everyone left Julia is stay at Britney's and well Niall and Kiara left before the fight so we don't know anything about them but im sure they're fine

Jocelyn-Oh did Zayn say anything?

Liam-He was shocked he wanted to go talk to her but I didn't let him

Jocelyn-Good we need to get hem together tomorrow to talk things out

Liam- Ok well you should get some rest call me tomorrow when you wake up to plan this


~End Of Phone Convo~

When I hung up I changed into pjs and fell asleep.




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