Save You.

What I would do to save you.


3. Chapter 1. Finding him.

" It was only in the moment, I never really wanted to leave. Maybe I should have rethought what I was doing, maybe just maybe, I should have put the blade away."

- Melissa



Chapter 1.- finding him.

I could feel the blood pump to my ear's. His room was always blasting crazy music, but this time, it feel's different. I can't help but feel a pit in my stomach, he's never this quiet. I opened his room door, he's not there. His bathroom light was on, along with the fan.


I walked up to the door, knocking before I slowly opened the door. Trying not to catch him fluffing, or something. What I found was beyond worse, I slid on my knee's over to him. Dropping my purse in the entry. His body was in my arm's quicker than I thought I could move.






" You can't leave me here! you said we were going to go to college together!" I held him in my arm's. He looked so beautiful. So at peace. His pale skin had oozed the red liquid I despised, especially coming from his skin. His smiled was never removed from his face, but in this case, his mouth was open, foam slipping out.


" Baby, don't leave me, please" I cried into his dirty blond hair. Smelling his men's shampoo. One that I admired, he knew it too.



"It's not fair!" I screamed in anger. I shook his limp body in my hand's, desperately trying to wake him. Maybe he's only asleep. Blood got onto my white dress, but I don't mind, it's his ; and I don't mind if its his.


"Harry!" I screamed for his roommate, harry casually jogged in, smiling. His eye's turned in horror as he saw his best mate in my arm's. The smiled removed it's self from his lips.


"Get help, now, please." I begged. Harry took his phone out of his pocket, getting on his knee's, coming to my side. He is panicked, and we won't get anywhere if we're panicking.


"Stay in  there mate" Harry let a tear slip his eye's. He put the phone to his ear, waiting impatiently as it rang.


Harry got up, blood on the knee's of his jean's.

It's weird, how panicky he is, though, why aren't I? Maybe it's Because I'm in too much of shock.


" Niall, please hang in there. Why would you do this to yourself? Please, don't leave me here?" I cried, my sweaty palm's rested on his chest. There's no heart beat, that heart beat I loved to hear ever so much.


I brought his bloodied hand to my cheek, oblivious to blood smearing to my face. I need to feel his warmth again. He can't just leave me. I wiped the foam from his lip's, hoping he didn't do what I think he has done.


I kissed his cold cheek, his pale, pale cheek.


Arm's wrapped around my waist, prying me from the boy. My blurred eye sight watched as men swarmed around Niall, checking his heart.


The crying, the shouting of the men; telling harry to take me out of there, it was all too much. My head was already pounding, my heart rate had accelerated ever since I showed up. Black spot's were seen, and my eye lid's became like paper weight's. The weight of the world slowly fading as I lost consciousness.





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