Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


26. Why me

Ashley's pov

its Thursday now. Peyton and I advanced so did 1D. My old friend mekenzee texted me that we should hang out. I don't really want to. She always get involved in my love life and can't keep secrets. But being the nice person I am. I'm going to her house to talk. When she called I heard a male voice in the back round. Oh we'll I got in my truck and when I was at a red light I got a text from her. It was just a bunch of random letters. Oh well. When I got there there was another car there. Oh well I knock on the door. No answer but I hear voices. I walk in and can't believe my eye there in clear site is her and Averie snogging. I started crying. "OMG Ashley what are you doing here" mekenzee asked

"you called me to hang out remember" I say

"oh yeah sorry you had to see that this is my new boyfriend by the way." Mekenzee said happily

"yeah and now my ex" I say mad

"wait you guys were together" mekenzee asked playing dumb

"yes and once again the great mekenzee has to get in to my love life and ruin it. You always embarrass me or ruin something just stay out if my life" I yell

i ran in my truck. I sat there and cried. I drove back. I ran into the studio. I was running back to my room when someone bumped into me. 

"Oh my god love are you ok" I look up and See it's zayn

"yeah fine" I say looking away

"Ashley what happened are you ok" zayn said

"why do you care" I ask

"because I don't like seeing you hurt" he said

"I was cheated on again. Why can't I find someone truthful." I start breaking down again

"awww come here" he said. I go into his arms and cry me heart out. I know it's weird but I needs someone right now. 

"Love are you gonna be ok" he asked

"no why me why does everyone cheat on me. Why can't I find someone good to me. Why just why does it have to be me" I ask

"I don't know but someone is out there that loves you and cares for you and I will always be here for you" he said. I hugged him again but then started walking to my room. Maybe he did care.....

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