Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


42. the final three....

Ashley's pov

"Elke, Rebecca, one direction, and the Un Normal please come on stage..." The announcer told us.

We walked on stage. I was bitting my lip since I'm so nervous. We just can't leave. Not yet we still have our mark left to make.

"Ok here's how this will work. I will announce the first two acts in the finals then the last two will compete for the final spot!!!" He told us. I looked at Peyton and she was almost shaking. I looked over at zayn and he gave me a not so convincing smile. I half smiled back.

"And our first couple in is..... ELKE!!!!!" I was so happy for her she started tearing up and couldn't stop smiling.

"Your next act in is...... ONE DIRECTION!!!" The boys started freaking out. I was clapping but yet that means Peyton and I could be out. I refuse to lose to Rebecca!

"Ok so you ladies have 20 minutes to pick a song good luck" Simon told us. We booked it off stage.

"Ok we need to song something fun and like a dance tone" I told Peyton.

"Hey let's sing classic by MKTO!!!" Peyton said.

"Ok yeah that's good." I told her.

*20 minutes later*

"Ok first is the Un Normal" he said


Hey! Where's the drums??


Let's go

Oooo boy your shinin

Like a 5th avenue diamond.

And they don't make you like the used to

Your never running out of style

Ooooo pretty baby

This world might've gone crazy

The way you save me

Who can blame me

I just wanna make you smile?


I wanna thrill you like Michel

I wanna kiss you like prince

So all the way like Marvin Gaye like Hathaway

Write a song for you like this


You're over my head

I'm out of my mind

Thinkin I was born in the wrong time

One of a kind livin in a world gone plastic

Baby your so classic, baby your so classic, baby you, your so classic


Four dozen of roses

Anything for you to notice

All the way to serenade you

Doin it Sinatra style

Ima lick you up in a Cadillac

Like a gentleman bringin' glamor back

Keep it real to real in the way I feel

I could walk you down the isle


I wanna thrill you like Michel

Wanna kiss you like prince

Go all the way like Marvin Gaye like Hathaway

Write a song for you like this


Your over my head

I'm out of my mind

Thinkin I was born in a wrong time

It's a love on rewind

Everything is so throwblack-ish (I kind of like it, like it)

Out of my league

Old school chic

Like a movie star from the silver screen

One of a kind livin in a world gona plastic

Baby your so classic


Baby your class and baby your sick

I never met a boy like you till we met

A star in the 40's centerfold in the 50's

Got me tripping out like the 60's

Hippies queen of discotheque

A 70's dream and the 80's best

Hepburn, Beyoncé, Marilyn, Massive

Not your timeless just so classic

*skip chorus sorry to lazy*

"Now we have Rebecca singing Taylor swift 22" the announcer said

*skip her song too*

"Now judges tell us what you think"

"Well u liked the Un Normal u liked how they took that song and made it actually work for a girls version. Rebecca when you did 22 you back up girls did most of it and it was kinda flat" Simon said


"Well I think that Classic was a great choice since you wanted to get the energy in here pumping and get everyone in a better mode and it worked it was great. But Rebecca when you did it it was too much dancing. You were flat and kinda pitchy" Demi said


"Well the Un Normal I think was to boyish like you needed a actual girls song and you were sharp! Rebecca who cares about them I love your performance and I think you did Better than them" Pauling said


"Well the Un Normal was good energy you guys stole the show but I have to admit I heard a few sharp notes. Rebecca I think your performance was alright could have been Bette r it you were flat" Kelly said.

"Ok girls any last words"

"I think that I did great I mean everyone loves me. I think I can win this and I will be #1" Rebecca said snotty

"Yeah umm I want to thank our family's for voting and all of our fans we love you and if we leave right here right now. It's just the beginning this wont be the last you see of us" Peyton said smiling.

"Oh ummm and Rebecca if you listened to them were sharp and your flat so our vocals can so farther and higher than yours" I sassed her. She glared at me but it was so worth it.

Simon = Un Normal

Demi = Un Normal

Paulina = Rebecca

Kelly = Un Normal

"Ok it official the...... Un Normal will take the spot in the finals!!!!!" He said.

Ashley's pov

I was so excited I hugged Peyton. Then the boys and Elke came running out. I ran into zayn and he picked me up and spun me around. Niall did the same with Peyton. I kissed Zayn and smiled like an idiot. It was like my world was finally falling back into place.....

*authors note*

Hey guys so I only have 4 comments for a sequel!!! I need 6 more if you guys want one plus only 2 more chapters left!!!! Ooooooo. Hopefully you guys liked this one please comment I LUV hearing you peoples opinions. I LUV you all thx byee<3

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