Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


10. Nayton's date part 1

Peyton's pov

ashley came in crying harder than I've ever seen. And she never crus infront of people! "Hey want to tell me what happened" 

"zayn fricken cheated on me with Rebecca, I caught them making out in her room!"

"oh Ashley I'm sorry it's ok ill call the boys and cancel"

"no you guys go have fun I'll be fine ill just probably write in my song book"

"are you sure?"

"yeah you and Niall go on a date and have fun, you have a great guy don't drift away like 'he' did"

" ok I'll go call Ni"

phone call

P- heyy Ni 

N- heyy babe are we still on for tonight

P- yeah it's just gone be us two Ashley's not coming but have Liam invite Elke maybe just the two of them and just us???

N- that sounds great I need to see my sexy gf again

P- hahaha ok so dress fancy

N-yes and expect nothing but the best

P-ok byee honey

"heyy Ashley do you mind helping me get ready for my date??"

"no of course I'd love to, so how are you dressing?"

"he said fancy" "ok go shower and I'll pick it all out for you" she smiled I hope this helps get her mind off what happened. But now I'm really excited he hasn't taken me on a 'proper' date yet. I got in the shower and when I came out Ashley had two options for me

1st- a almost mint green strapless dress with lace and a light brown belt and matching brown sandles

2nd- was a dress with a white too two straps a black belt and dark blue bottom and black flats

i chose the green one. I went to Ashley and she did my hair and make up she curled it then took two pieces to the side and tied it. She used a light pink eye shadow with light pink baby lips and shone mascara. I loved it

"thanks ash it looks amazing"

"your welcome it was fun anyways oh and I got u a purse too" she left then came back with a light brown clutch I hear a knock on the door 

"hey are you ready WOW! You look amazing"

"thanks you look good too"I smiled he was wearing a dark green button up with nice black jeans 

"so where are we going"

"well we are going to eat then I'm showing. You something cool""ok sounds fun to me" we were jamming out in the car the whole way he was so funny we were making fun of song singing them so off and weird. I really like this boy

"Here we are" he ran out and opened the door for me "aww thanks" I kissed his cheek. He held mind hand. It seemed a bit sweaty. He shouldn't be nervous. 

"Hi reservations for horan please"

"ahhh right this way can I gebtyou anything to drink my name is Kristan by the way"

"I'll have a come please" I said nicely "make that two" 

"so what are you having??"

"I don't know the chicken Alfredo sounds good"

"yeah it does I think I'll have that too"

"so why did Ashley cancel" he asked conserned 

"didn't zayn tell you he cheated on her???"

"WHAT no!"

"yeah she was going to write a song about it"

"so what's you family like" trying to start a happier convo

"well I have two brothers Gavin who's younger and Ethan who's older my dads a police officers and my mom has her own business" 

"oh wow I hope I can meet them one day, you know I'm kinda scared about the fact that this still is a competition like what if u leave or me??" He asked that must have been why he was nervous. Haha I had a break through:)


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