Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


15. Mission impossible complete

Liam's pov I'm excited to go to the bowling alley with Peyton Niall and Elke. I'm actually just looking forward to Elke. I really hope I can get to know her. I get I the bowlin alley and I get a call from Niall N- hey mate I can't make it. L- what why not N- Peyton doesn't feel well and she asked me to stay with her. Sorry man. L- it's ok. So should I tell Elke N- no you too have fun Peyton doesn't want u guys to be miserable. L- ok I hope she feels better N-yupp bye So this is great it's just like a date. Elke walked in the door and I swear my hear skipped a beat she looks amazing. With just her dark skinny jeans with wedge sneakers. Which she wears to make her taller she's quite short. Lol. And her short that had a cute now on it. She is flawless. Elke's pov I go in the bowling alley and see Liam. He looks hott. I walk up "heyy where are Niall and Peyton." I ask "Peyton didn't feel well and Niall needed to take care of his lady." He said. I bet they planned this those sneaky girls. But I will thank them later. "Let's start. I haven played in months." I say excitedly "I know but watch out in a pretty mean bowler" he said TRYING to sound intimidating. "An I was best player on our bowling team" I say with sass "Let's make this a bet loser has to do whatever they want" he said "Pshhhh your on" He goes up and only gets 6 down. Then gets a spare "beat that" he said "oh I will" I grabbed my ball swung and got a strike. "And I think I just did" I say laughing. We played and I won by ten points. "Hahaha I won in your face bro!" I say jumping around all crazy. "Ok what do I have to do???" He asks "kiss me" I say smiling. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in. He smirked then leaned down and I felt a pit or butterflies going off in my stomache. I smiled and giggled. "Elke will you be my girl friend" he asked with hope "I would be honored" I say laughing he acted like I was Cinderella and put my shoe back on for me. Gave me a piggy balc and we were off in to the sunset. Or our rooms if you want to ruin the moment-_-.
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