Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


33. Just so you know

Zayn's pov

this week was love song themed. I want to sing a song I know Ashley loves. She always listened to is while we were dating. It fits it perfectly. I want the guys to approve first. It's a surprise and nobody can know cause I want her to be surprised and hopefully take me back. 

"Hey boy I have an idea on what we should sing for love some week." I said

"great what is it" Liam asked

"well since Louis wants to ask out Seeren and I want to win Ashley back I was think crash my party by Luke Bryan." I said 

"oh I've heard it lets do it" they all agreed.


Zayns pov

We are going before the girls this time. Thy are even in the audience to watch too. I hope she knows it's for her. Here goes nothing. 


don't matter the plans I got I can break em. Yeah we can turn this thing around at the next red light. Don't mind telling on the guys I can't meet em. Hell we can all go raise some hell on any other night. Girl I just got to see what your wearing. Your hair up or falling down. Oh I just got to see it now. 


So if you want to call me call me call me. You don't have to worry about it baby. You can wake me up in the dead of the night. Wreak my plans, baby that's alright. This is a drop everything kind of thing. Swing I by you can pour me a drink. The doors unlocked I'll leave in the lights. Baby you can crash my party anytime. 


aint a spot downtown rockin the way that you rock me. Ain't a bar that can rock the way that you rock me the way that you do. I could be in the front row of the best show, and see your face on my phone. Ms I'm gone so long hang on. I'll be there in a minute or two. 


Chores again. (Sorry too lazy to by it)


if it's two in the morning and your wondering what I'm doing.......


so go ahead and call me call me call me. You don't have to worry bout it baby. You can wake me up in the dead of the night. Wreak my plan baby that's all right. This is a drop anything kind if thing. Swing on by ill pour you a drink. The doors unlocked I'll leave on the lights.  Baby you can crash my party anytime. (Call me call me call me) baby you can crash my party anytime. 

Zayns pov

im proud of our performance. I look down and see Ashley crying and smiling. I smiled at her. She smiled back and winked. I'm happy she liked it. 

"Boys that was great choice of song" Kelly said. 

"I agree it sounded really well" Paulina said. 

I walked of. Stage to someone jumping in my arms. It was Ashley I kissed her head. "Can you take me back?" I asked. She kissed me. Finally she's mine again. "Yes I missed you" she said. I smiled. Everyone clapped. We turned around to see everyone that lives in the X-Factor studio. I'm so happy nothing can change that. 


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