Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


18. Hospitals and More fighting

Peyton's pov

i woke up slowly to see Ashley next to me crying holding my hand. And Niall on the other side doing the same thing I look down and see I'm in the hospital. I squeeze Ashley's hand. She looks up. "OMG your awake I thought you were gonna die. And I'm not letting you go down stairs again" she said. The memory came back. I fell down the stairs. "Ok ok I'm fine but what about you" I ask "look I'm hurt but it's not about me it's about you. And I am going to go eat because I haven't are in three days cause you have been out for three days so I'm starved and going to go eat" she said "I wa do scarredi didn't want to loose my first love" Niall said "awww Niall you love me" I asked 

"oh course. You don't judge me. You are so pretty and great. Beautiful. Kind. I love you for you. And the fact your yourself around me." He said

I started blushing. "Hey" he lifted my chin. Then boom he kissed me. If felt like a shock of energy that I needed. 

Ashleys pov

im so happy to eat again. Now tht Peyton's better I can't actually function. Our friend Leah has come to visit us. She was always close with me and Peyton. "Hey I got some ice cream" she said as she came back. She has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair. She has glasses. She's really funny and ticklish. She has a curvy figure like me. But when me and her insult. Our selves Peyton get mad. But it's lien we are the three musketeers. She's really funny and cool and extremely ticklish. Just don't get on her bad side. "Good I'm still hungry" I laughed just as I but I to it my phone buzzed. It was Averie. If said.     "Hey sorry to hear about Peyton:( but Elke and I are in out way over to see her. Are you there too so I can't see your pretty face??? ~Averie 

i blushed "oooooo is little Ashley texting a boyyyyy" Leah teased 

"YESSS Ashley is his name is Averie and he's really sweet and cute." I say as I show her a lic

"Is it too late to call dibs" she asked

"what yes he's mine" I say laughing

"hey can't blame a girl for trying" she said as luring her hands up in defense. I texted back.        "Yeah I'm here can't wait to see you too:) also you can meet my other bestie too:)~ Ashely 

"hey we souls probably go cheak on pey" Leah said 

"yeah let's go" I say. We walk off. Niall and her and in there kissing so we deside it's not a good idea to interrupt. I sit in a chair when Averie comes walking in. "Hey how is she" he asked

" she's good she just woke up and her and Niall are already swollowing each other" I say 

"hahaha wow looks like they need to make up for lost time" he said 

"yeah oh this is Leah,Leah Averie Averie leah" I said 

"nice to meet you Averie I've heard a lot about you" she said looking at me I glared at her and liked her side which made her squeal. I smile satisfied. When I see zayn come in with flowers. "Zayn what are you doing here" I ask. 

"I came to get Niall, and I figured you would be here so I brought u these" he said 

"I'm sorry but no I'm not taking those" I say a but rude

"oh I know cause this little punk is here" he said lookin at averie

" zayn leave him alone you need I keep yourself in control" I say calmly 

"no he needs to stay away from you!" He yelled

"zayn. You don't own me do you hear your self you crazy" I say he punches me

"what th he'll is wrong with you you don't punch her" Averie yells and hits zayn straight in the jaw. Zayn swung and hit in in the jaw too but Averie feel "AVERIE" I sreamed. "Are you ok" I ask scared "yeah" he said 

"thanks for sticking up for me." I say. 

"Heyy all men should know how to treat women, but he needs to learn" he said. He got up and I kissed his cheek in thanks. I'm scared of zayn now. I'm just happy security took him away.  


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