Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


30. Fight

Ashley's pov

it was nice that we were all her to play truth or dare. I'm happy to get my mind off things and have some fun. Meanwhile mekenzee has been texting me said what I did was 'rude'. What ever biatch I'm not a boy friends stealer at least. Peyton and I went to our room to change I put in some black skinny jeans with a white tank with jewels and heel sneakers. Peyton but on regular skinny jeans and a light green shirt that said 'no more selfies' and some convers. We walked to the boys room and it was just them and Elke. "Now the party don't start till I walk in" I sang. Everyone laughed and I smiled. "So how's it going" Peyton said digging through there fridge. "Well good I guess" Liam said. "Hey is Leah coming or not" Harry asked. I smirked and raised my eyes brows at him. "Sooooo does a little curly haired boy over here like our BFFL" I say teasingly. "Pshhhh what... Me... No... Ok fine" he gave up. "Awwww ill text her to come over" I smiled fan girling with Peyton. "Hey but if she comes we have rules for dating our friends I had to talk to Niall and I'm not afraid to talk to you" I say seriously. "Yeah it was kinda scary they are way over protective" Niall said. Harry turned a little pale. I smiled. And then I texted Leah "hey do you wanna come hang out with us" I ask. A minute later she replied "sure where are you guys" she said. "In the boys room" I text. Not even two minutes later in came Leah. Harry smiled. And I gave him the don't touch her look. He put his hands up as he cheesy charming Harry came. "So let's play truth or dare" I yell we got in a circle and were just about to play when there was a knock on the door. Liam went to open it and in barged Averie and mekenzee. Ohhhh shit I thought. "Hey Ashley you know that was really rude to do to a friend" mekenzee yells 

"no not really since your not her friend" Leah snaps. Oh boys you don't wanna see Leah pissed

"I wasn't talking to you ugly. I was talking to the back stabber" she says

"Ok first of all bitch don't call her ugly you wanna see ugly look in the mirror. Second says the one who stole my boy friend. You always ruin my love life." I yell at her

"not my fault I'm better looking" she says

"wow is there a brain in there or is it just air cause I don't think brown and blond blotchy hair with bad additude is attractive" Peyton yells 

"well it's better than fat worthless talentless shit like her" she says back. Ok that hurt...a lot.

" Don't you dare talk about her that way" Elke joins in

"first of all who are you" mekenzee says

"Averie's sister and I can make him dump you faster than you can be a slut" Elke snapps. 

"Elke shut up I don't listen to you. Mekenzee's right Ashley's a piece of shit" Averie says. I start to cry a little now...

leahs pov

awwwww hell naw. They did not just say that. 

"Don't you ever call he that again bitch or your gonna looking even shittier than you do now" I spit

"don't you say that abou Ashley your just jealous that you dumped a amazing girl for a complete slut" zayn says 

"please I'm not fat like her." Mekenzee says. That's it I slapped her right in the face. She swings at me but I dodge it. Meanwhile zayn and Averie are fighting. Ashley is sitting there crying into Louis arms. I kick mekenzee out the door. While zayn kicks Averie out. I think I broke her nose and Averie is gonna have a nice black eye. "Thanks guys for sticking up for me it means a lot I love you guys" Ashley cryied. We all went in a group hug. Harry put his hand on my lower waist almost my butt and winked. Haha wow. He's really cute I can see us maybe in the future. 

Peytons pov

we calmed Ashley down. It's midenight now and we are going off to bed. Well it looks like or game didn't go well but, I think we all found out who are true friends are...




heyy guys hope you like it. In the next chapter Louis is gonna have a girl friend. Ooooooooo. Exciting. Lol hope you liked it please favorite and comment. I love you byee :) 

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