Waisting all these tears

My name is Ashley Matson and I live in the U.K. I'm in a band with my best friend Peyton called the "Unnormal" I'm trying out for the X-Factor. What happens when Payton and Ashley have to compete against they're crush? Or will I've happen and hearts be broken??? Or will they break under pressure???? (It's bad but will get better)


14. Apologies and planning

Ashley's pov

the show went great. Simon said he wanted to talk to Peyton and I about my songs. I don't want to get all credit so I'm having Peyton help me from now on. We are working on a song called 'miss movin on' right now and it's coming together great. It's about leaving your shell and moving on from the past or a break up. Over 200 hundred people downloaded 'waisting all these tears' I was so happy. I notice Elke and Liam not really talking to each other anymore. And that's a big problem. "So we need to do something like fast, Liam really likes her so we need to have a plan" Peyton said all serious which doesn't happen a lot "I got it invite her to go bowling or whatever with you Niall and Liam, then cancel saying you don't feel good, but we won't tell Liam or Elke till they arrive, then Niall will text them." I say sounding all smart which again doesn't happen a lot. "Yes let's call Niall now" Peyton said

P=Peyton N=Niall 

P- hey Niall 

n- hey honey what's up

p- well Ashley and I came up with a plan to get them back together, we are going to invite them bowling but cancel saying I don't feel good and your helping me, the. They end up going together and BOOM!!!! New couple

n- babe that sounds great I'll tell Liam when he gets back plan for tonight and I'll have him call 

p- ok bye sweetie 

n- bye love

"it's perfect and all set in place" Peyton told me. "Good now I'm going to the vending machine to get candy!" I told her. I walked out of the room. I went and my dollar wasn't working. But I won't give up. Zayn came down the hallway and walked towards me "hey Ashley can I talk to you"he asked "I guess I mean I might not pay much attention I'm trying to get candy" I say coldly "ok well I'm sorry, I went looking for you and I asked her if she knew where u were. But she didn't then gave me her number then I started talking I her. Then asked if I wanted something to drink and I did so we went inside and she started kissing me I swear" he said. "I know zayn but how could you  it know your not weak you didn't try to push her off. You kissed her too. I'm sorry zayn I'm not going to have the same feelings I used to see nice, sweet, loving person but now I see a cheater, careless heartbreaker. And you haven't even talked to me since so obviously you didn't care all that much." I say walking off. I know I might have sounded bitchy but it's how I felt. 

Peytons pov

i realized Ashley hasn't been back in a while. I walk out of the room. And she's talking to zayn. I can see in his eyes that he's hurt but he hurt her. He brought it on to himself. I just don't think Ashley will fall again for him. I wonder if he's ok I might ask Niall later while Elke and Liam are out. Ashley came back in "are you ok I saw who you were talking to" I ask quietly "yeah but I only told him the truth I wasn't that mean and I know I hurt him but he hurt me first so" she said in a defensive tone. "Ashley I understand if you want to cry or let your feelings out I'm always here you know that?" "Yeah" she had to break at some point I hope it's soon....

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