Falling 4 You

Savannah is 15 she is in high school. she is and has been bullied all her life. she wont tell her mother because she doesn't want her mother to over worry. her mother is a lawyer and she is at the other side of the world.
whats gonna happen next, read to find out.


4. chapter 4

 (Read a/n at the bottom)


James P.O.V

I watched her face turn from shocked to worried, why does this bitch have to be in my class.

Well at least this is going to be fun, making her life hell and shit!

A voice in my head said, I couldn’t agree more. I walked up to the only chair in the classroom, which was next to her with a marvellous evil smirk plastered on my face. I took the only seat in the classroom although I wouldn’t have minded seating next to one of them girls who seemed to be drooling at me then giggling and turning around before proceeding to whispering back to their friends.

I sighed and sat down with my smirk still on my face. ‘’hey bitch, nice to see you again’’  I said followed by a light chuckle, that showed I didn’t want to be anywhere near her She quickly glanced at me. Then put her head on the desk her hair covering her face and sighed.

My parents could have taken me to a better school but no they had to bring me to Fillmore High School. Leaning back into my chair I took a deep breath and put my game face on, because the game just started and I am going to win.

All the girls want to be with me and all the guys want to be me

‘’ok everybody settle down’’ I was cut off by the teacher, I looked up at her then to the ugly girl seating beside me.

I leant forward close to my desk, so she could hear me speak ‘’you know bitch ’’ I whispered quite enough for the teacher to not hear but loud enough for the girl to hear, I looked up to make sure the teacher wasn’t looking then continued ‘’I’d rather seat next to that girl over there then you ugly piece of rubbish, at least she looks better then you’’ I pointed over to the girl seating at the other end of the classroom.

She was caked with makeup it’s like she closed her eyes and her hands when all octopus tentacles when she was putting on her makeup and don’t even get me started with her cloths.

‘’look at me when I talk to you bitch’’ she looked up her face was the description of sacred. I chucked lightly as she leaned back into her chair with her back being straight against the chair.

‘’you’re so ugly, forget what I said don’t look at me when I talk to you’’ she bowed her head down following my orders ‘’I don’t want to catch the dieses of ugliness’’ She looked away as quickly and turned her head towards the teacher.

Class was boring as usual. I kept glancing to the watch on the wall above the white board and then to the watch on my hand, to check just in case the time was right and not different. It was even worse because I had this bitch seating next to me. At Least she didn’t look at me.  I hate her so much for what she did to me, how she embarrassed me In front of my friends .

Wow she can actually follow simple instructions

I heard the voice in my head say. I chuckled to myself at the voice inside my head. I probably looked wired but who gives a damn.

The teacher started walking around the classroom handing out booklets ‘’the booklets I’m handing out’’ she paused to give one out to a student then walked towards the direction towards the corner of the classroom which I was seating in then turned around giving another booklet out to another student ‘’is to be finished by tomorrow, if it’s not completed during this class time then it will be done for homework, understand.’’

‘’yeah yeah whatever’’ I muttered quietly As soon as she handed the booklet out to me the bell rang. Thank goodness to whoever rang the bell because I was grateful to be out of this classroom.

Or maybe cause the teacher looked like she wanted to talk to you

Or maybe because I couldn’t spend any more time next to this bitch!

I staffed everything in my organiser (which was like basically a stupid book with so much stupid rules and things you had to do)

which is also the only thing you curry with you to your classes the voice in my head said

yeah cause I’m cool like that I relied to the stupid voice inside my head

I quickly got up from my chair and hurried out the door to my next class ‘’James’’ someone shouted my name out, I recognised that voice ‘’ oh hey man what’s up’’ there in front of me stood one of my best mates Toby

 ‘’ wow man you actually went to class, thought you’d wag the whole day ’’

I relied with ‘’wanted to check things up, and plus I was starting to get bored hanging out with Amy’’

Toby let out a chuckle ‘’ this was a stupid dare seriously’’ I whined, Toby chuckled a bit more.

‘’well guess what dude a dare is a dare’’

‘’Yeah I guess ‘’

‘’And plus you only have to put up with her for a couple of months’’ Toby added

‘’Amy’s good company though in the bedroom when I’m board’’ Toby and I chuckled in unison

‘’anyways what class are you in next’’ I changed the subject

‘’science’’ Toby replied with a sigh ‘’you’’

‘’same, we might be in the same class dude’’

We started walking in the direction to where the science labs were, realising that we were the only ones in the corridor. We stopped at a door together ‘’I guess we are in the same class’’ Toby replied with a hint of excitement.

‘’dude are you excited’’ I looked at Toby who now looked uncomfortable

‘’nah just thinking of all the girls that are going to look at us, when we walk in’’ he replied to my question.

We walked into the classroom and guess who I saw. My face completely turned upside down into a frown then I could feel all anger in me.

‘’fuck’’ I mumbled, I really hate this girl. Why is she here?

Dude you’re screwed





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