Falling 4 You

Savannah is 15 she is in high school. she is and has been bullied all her life. she wont tell her mother because she doesn't want her mother to over worry. her mother is a lawyer and she is at the other side of the world.
whats gonna happen next, read to find out.


3. Chapter 3-classmates

Savannah P.O.V

The day went by quite fast and smooth if I may say and everything was going well until lunch came along, stupid lunch.

I walked into the cafeteria to buy my lunch, since I didn’t bring anything from home, I bought my lunch and just as I was about get out of the cafeteria before anybody noticed me, it was too late.

James and his ruthless friends corner me as I was walking out, then James walked closer to me, ‘’Hey bitch! Why haven’t you come and say hi to me? You know that’s considered rude right’’ he suddenly said with a smirk on his face, I wasn’t shocked when he said that, but stuttered a bit when I said  ‘’I-I j-just have n-nothing to say’’ I tried to sound tough but obviously failed to do so.

He had a bit of red lipstick on his lips, as his face came closer to mine, I suddenly wanted to ask him why he had red lipstick on his lips but fought my mind to forget about the stupid question I wasn’t looking forward to getting beaten up like last year, every time I tried to stay hidden and as far away as possible from him and Amy’s gang they would always seem to find me.

I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts when Toby mimicked what I had just said ‘’I-I j-just have n-nothing to say’’ they all broke into laughter ‘’ruthless bitch’’ I heard one of the other boys say to me

‘’Remember what happened last year’’ James suddenly spoke I wasn’t sure if that was a rhetorical question or if that was a question that needed to be answered ‘’do you’’ he almost half shouted I instantly nodded ‘’y-yes’’

‘’Well if you don’t want that to happen anytime soon you better respect us, especially me’’ James said his voice stern and full of threat.

All the memories came back rushing into my mind, all of a sudden the biggest one of all come tumbling back into my innocent head little by piece haunting me at that very moment, I stubbled backwards but only hit my back on the wall and the thought of that I couldn’t really do anything for days because my body ached, having to tell mum that I tripped while in gym class and fell had on the floor

I felt bad for lying but had no other choice I couldn’t tell her what happened, otherwise James would’ve hurt me even further, he made me tell absolutely no one what had happened, and since then I’ve learned not to disobey him.

They all started laughing and walked off towards the direction of the cafeteria. I got my staff from the floor that had fallen down while James and his gang approached me, I quickly got up from the floor and started walking towards the girl’s restroom.

Well that ruined the whole not getting bullied today thing I thought as I sat down on one of the cubicles, I got my lunch out and ate it slowly as I had nothing else to do for the rest of lunch and the rest of this now miserable day. The bell finally rang to end a what seemed like a very very long lunch, I got my rubbish and unlocked the cubicle door, walked out of the toilets with my rubbish and placed it in the bin, I turned around to the direction of where my locker was I started walking and thankfully got their without me causing any harm to anyone or anyone harming me.

Except for the giggles I heard as I walked pass, I assumed they were making fun of one of my features or something like that to do with my body. I got to my locker got my books for period five which read English, I got my English books and headed to the class

As always I got there early, after few minutes everybody started coming into the classroom

‘’okay settle down everyone, and choose your seats my name is Ms Jackie and I am your English teacher’’ as everybody started choosing their seats ‘’ And make sure you choose your seats carefully because that will be your permienate seat’’ Ms Jackie also added before turning around to write her name on the board.

Okay I thought the chair I seat on today will either save my life for this year or kill me, I have to pick somewhere where no one will notice that I exist. I walked over to the far right corner at the back of the classroom where basically if you go there no one will know that you were ever there. I put my books on the desk and pulled the chair towards me so I can take a seat.

‘’okay class ready, today we are going t-…..’’Ms Jackie started saying then stopped to go and open the door to let a student in.  Wow the student is really late they most of gotten lost just then everybody’s gaze started mimicking Ms Jackie’s. Then I started doing the same and…….. No no no please this has to be a dream, why me what did I do. I turned my head to look out the window to focus on something else rather than the person who was standing in the doorway of the class

 ‘’Hello Mr Carter you are very late, what’s the excuse you’ve got this time’’ Ms Jackie said

‘’ sorry Ms’’ the person said although sounding like they didn’t give a care in the world if they were late or not rather than sounding sorry ‘’ I couldn’t find the classroom’’ I knew instantly that they were lying ‘’ okay take a seat somewhere, although there seems to be no more seats, hang on there is a seat next to Ms Winderson’’

‘’what’’ I almost shouted ‘’ Ms Winderson will it be okay if--’’

‘’James’’ the guy standing in the doorway cut her off ‘’ yes if James sat next to you, considering that there are no more seats available’’ Ms Jackie asked politely

I couldn’t do anything because if I said no the teacher would still make him come and seat next to me, plus I wasn’t the type of girl who was mean I was always too nice  and scared to say no. my life really is a mess. I looked up and saw a smirk plastered on James’ face, gosh his such a douc bag as he walked towards me to take a seat.

‘’hey bitch, nice to see you again’’ James said followed by a light chuckle. This was going to be a long year for me I thought while slumped down in my chair my face buried down in the desk. I took I deep breath, this was indeed going to be a long long year.

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