Falling 4 You

Savannah is 15 she is in high school. she is and has been bullied all her life. she wont tell her mother because she doesn't want her mother to over worry. her mother is a lawyer and she is at the other side of the world.
whats gonna happen next, read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Savannahs P.O.V

*school gates*

I got to school in 15 minutes gosh I really didn’t want to be here as I walked in through the gates at one side I saw the poplar kids the girls with their skirts so high you could nearly see there ass basically you could they were with the boys I hated each and every one of them.

Amy the cheerleader captain was with James holding hands I think they are going out James had black hair, white tan skin, blue eyes man he was gorgeous just too bad he was a jerk he always bullied me along with his four other mates Brad, Toby, Ryan, and Harry he was the so called leader of the group since I started high school my life has been a living hell thanks to him. Amy also had four other so called friends Izzy, Rebecca, Diamond, and Stella they were all b!tches they would wear there skirts so short wear so much makeup and shit they almost looked like plastic dolls wait hang on I was meant to say plastic bitch’s

At the other side I saw nerds reading books and some playing chess. And in between were the normal kids they were not popular and not nerds. For me I had no  one to hang out with no friends at all I adjusted my glasses and walked into the school I was walking into my locker then to my home room as I had no friends, I was always there early. All I wanted right now was to finish school get good grades and get out of this town, I hated everyone here.

I walked into the class and saw Ms Mackenzie. she was in a good mood as always and let go on my phone. Although the only reason I have a phone is so I can talk to my mum, so I just played some games after a while the bell rang so I put my phone back into my school blouse. Everyone started coming in

“Nerd can you move to the front of the class where you belong,” I heard someone say I really didn’t want this to go any further as I knew what would happen next so I just got my staff and moved to the front of the classroom. As if things couldn’t get worse ‘hey loser’ I heard no it couldn’t be why doves it have to be me I turned around and saw James and Amy with their so called friends standing behind me then they all started laughing

“Okay class settle down’ the teacher orders. “My name is Ms. Mackenzie, but you may call me Ms. Mack for short.”

Everybody settled down as she started taking attendance, with every student replying to indicate they were present. Not knowing anybody I sat there quietly, listening to their gossip. The bell went shortly after this and everyone merged to their first classes. As I was walking through the corridor I saw what I shouldn’t have seen it was hurting my eyes badly Amy and James kissing I swear it looked like they were about to swallow each other up I just ignored that and walked the other way to my locker to get my first class books I checked my schedule to see what class I had first and it read Geography

I got my geography books and headed to class I walked in and took a seat at one of the end corners of the class, since I didn’t know anyone in this class  I sat their quietly thinking about how I hate geography so much, I mean its just so depressing and confusing well that’s how I put it and didn’t get why we had to learn about this, I got snapped out of my thoughts when the teacher technically growled at everyone to be quite

‘’thank you class, my name is Mr Salvo, and I will be your geography teacher for this year’’

He started going through some work and writing on the board telling us to copy it down. During halfway through the class I suddenly had the urge to go to the toilet I raised my hand and the teacher now known as Mr Salvo turned his head towards me

‘’yes Ms Winderson, how can I help you’’ he said in a serious voice that was quite scary in a way

‘’Can I go to the toilet, I’m basting’’ I replayed and with a node I quickly got up from my seat and out of the classroom. I was walking really fast hoping no one would come and bully me again, walking down the hallway it was petty quite, I managed to get into the toilet without being bullied. Maybe cause it was the first day of school back I went into one of the cubicles and sat down thinking how last year almost every day I would be bullied and beaten by James and his friends.

 I would go home a mess every day and my mum wouldn’t know cause I didn’t tell her, but now that she is at the other side of the world it’s going to be even harder for me. At least I knew I had someone there for me but now she was gone and I was by myself, by myself in this world my mum was everything to me.

I did my business and was about to head out of the cubicle when I heard some girls coming in, I hesitated to open the door.

‘’I’m so glad it out of that awful classroom’’ a familiar voice said

‘’same here’’ another familiar voice said

Hang on I thought to myself that’s Amy and Izzy, they always skipped class no wonder they got bad grades well that’s what I overheard last year. Then I heard a few more voices come into the toilets I’m guessing it was Stella, Diamond and Rebecca and I was right.

They were talking about their makeup and shit and how each and everyone of them looked pretty and crap like that

‘’anyways Amy’’ Diamond started ‘’what’s up with you and James, I sense something going on’’

‘’hahaha, yea like he asked me out during this wild party during the summer holidays and like you know I couldn’t say no like cause his the hottest guy at school and plus his a bad boy, and you know how I roll’’ Amy told them ''plus his a rich bad boy''

‘’I’m so happy for you’’ they all said in unison and burst out laughing

‘’ I knew he had something for you girl’’ Izzy stated while they started walking out of the toilets talking about how pretty they were again

I got out of the cubicle and headed to the taps to wash my hands, so I guess I was right they are going out. I got out of the toilet and walked back to my class.






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