Lexi is a tom-boy. She wished she wasn't. She wanted to be like the girls in her school tall, skinny, gets all the boys and perfect. Her two best friends Jessica and Daniella, give her a WHOLE new wardrobe. Her life suddenly changed boys started checking her out, popular girls asking her if she wants to have lunch with them, her crush Niall Horan asked her on a date. But it just wasn't her. She wanted people to like her for her not because she got a new wardrobe. Will she change back to her tom-boy life or deal with it?


3. WOW

Niall's P.O.V

I walked into school.

I cant wait to see Heather!

She is my new girlfriend.

I think she is the one.

She is funny, adorable, hot, smart.

Everything I could ask for.

'' Hey babe.'' I said walking up to Heather.

'' Hey Niall.'' She said as she kissed my cheek.

'' Hey I have to go to homeroom, I'll see you in 3rd period.'' I said kissing the tip of her nose.

'' Bye Niall.'' Heather said.

I walked into my homeroom class.


This is new. Alexandra is wearing something hot.


She does look hot with that cherry red lipstick.


'' Hey Alex.'' I said waving at her.

'' Hey Niall.'' Her American accent though.

'' Lexi he said hi to you that's a good sign.'' I heard Daniela whisper to Alex.

I know she has a crush on me though that isn't new.

'' Yea I know.'' I hear Alex whisper back.

'' Niall.'' Alex whispered to me.

'' Yea.'' I replied.

'' Nothing.'' She said.

I love it when she does that!

I have no idea why...

I think I'm falling for Alex. I can't be I only like her because she is wearing hot clothes.

'' Alex.'' I whispered.

'' What?'' She replied.

'' Um.. May I have your number?'' I asked as she blushed.


'' Sure.'' She replied writing her phone number on a paper then gave it to me.

''Thanks.'' Was all I could say.

'' Welcome.'' She replied.

I just smiled at the paper.

I can't wait to text her. WAIT. WHAT?! I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!

NIALL!! Whatever we can text like normal friends do.

I bet tomorrow Alex will be her old self.

[ It's 1:38 now damn I need sleep bye STAY BEAUTIFUL!! <3 ]


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