Lexi is a tom-boy. She wished she wasn't. She wanted to be like the girls in her school tall, skinny, gets all the boys and perfect. Her two best friends Jessica and Daniella, give her a WHOLE new wardrobe. Her life suddenly changed boys started checking her out, popular girls asking her if she wants to have lunch with them, her crush Niall Horan asked her on a date. But it just wasn't her. She wanted people to like her for her not because she got a new wardrobe. Will she change back to her tom-boy life or deal with it?


1. tom-boy

Lexi's P.O.V

I woke up with the birds chirping outside.

Ugh. Mondays.

I got out of bed.

I lazily walked to the bathroom.

I took of my mickey mouse pj's.


Just because I'm a tom-boy doesn't mean I can't wear mickey mouse pj's!

I turned on the water. I felt the water to see if it's warm.

I stepped in the shower. I got my body wash and rubbed it all over my body.

I saw the pinkish soap run down my body.

As I finished that I got my strawberry scented shampoo and squirted some on my hand.

I gently rubbed the shampoo on my scalp.

I saw the shampoo wash off. As I finished that I wrapped my wet body with towel.

I walked out of the bathroom. I walked inside my walk-in wardrobe and got out a green basketball   jersey , black jeans, my bra and underwear. I let the towel fall. I put on my bra and underwear. Then I put on my basketball jersey. And I squeezed into my black jeans. I got my favorite blue Nickes. I then got clean socks from the dryer and put them on. Then I put my nickes on. Last but not least my hair. I went to the bathroom and got my hair straightener. I started straightening my hair. When I finished I got mascara. Its the only make-up I wear. UGH! My mascara got dried up. Whatever.


I left the bathroom and went inside my room. You know to get my phone. LOL. I got my phone and put it on my pocket. I got my neon green book bag and put it on. I ran down stairs. I went straight to the kitchen. UGH! Nothing to eat. Whatever I will wait till lunch. I then left the house. Wait it reminds me. I forgot to lock the house. I got my key and locked the door. There we go!

I started jogging to school. I wasn't in the mood for walking.

< 5 minutes later >

'' LEXI OVER HERE!!'' I heard Daniela yell. I ran to her. ''Hey girl!'' Jessica said. '' Hey Lexi you know Niall has a new girlfr-'' Jessica got cut of by Daniela's hand. '' He got a new girlfriend!?'' I yelled. '' Shh.'' They both said. ''He got a new girlfriend!?'' I whispered/yelled. '' Yup.'' Daniela said popping the 'p'

'' I don't care anymore I hate him.'' I lied. ''Liar.'' Daniela said. '' Girl please we all know you still like him.'' Jessica said flipping her curly blonde hair. '' Yeah Lexi we know you like him.'' Daniella said as we started walking into our homeroom. '' Lexi there he is!'' Daniela said pointing at Niall kissing his 'girlfriend'. '' Lets just go.'' I said upset. '' Lexi were going to do you a favor.'' Jessica said putting her arm around Daniela's neck. '' What is it?'' I asked. '' Were going to give you a MAKE-OVER!'' They both said jumping up and down. '' What's wrong with my look?'' I said looking down. '' Are you serious?'' Daniela said giving me a weird look. '' Whatever do me the make-over I don't give, and Y.O.L.O !'' I yelled the last word. '' Yea Y.O.L.O!!'' Jessica yelled as me and Daniela chuckled. '' Lets go to homeroom already.'' I laughed as the girls nodded. Me and the girls went inside the classroom. I sit next to Daniela and Jacob, Jessica sits in back of me. '' Okay I'm going to do the attendance.'' Ms. Martinez said. '' Alex.'' I heard someone whisper my name. Well, my name is Alexandra Perez. ''Alex.'' I heard the same voice say. '' What?'' I whispered back. '' Niall!'' Ms. Martinez yelled. '' Yes?'' Niall replied. That Irish accent gets me every time. '' I need you to switch your seat with Jessica.'' Ms. Martinez ordered. DAMN!! Know my crush sits in back of me. GREAT. Now I'm going to be all shy and always be blushing! ''Okay.'' Jessica and Niall said. My cheeks began to heat. '' Alex.'' I heard the same voice from last time say. '' Its Niall.'' Niall whispered. I slowly turned around. '' What?'' I whispered. '' Nice Jersey.'' He smiled. ARE YOU SERIOUS THATS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SAY!?! '' Alex.'' Niall whispered again. '' What?'' I whispered annoyed. '' Um. May I borrow a pen?'' He asked. '' Sure.'' I said giving him a black pen. '' Thanks'' He said getting the pen. ''Lexi.'' Daniela whispered. '' What?'' I replied. '' Ask him about his girlfriend.'' Daniela said. '' Girl, no.'' I replied. '' Ugh. Damn you.'' Daniela said. '' Whatever.'' I said ending the conversation.


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