Lexi is a tom-boy. She wished she wasn't. She wanted to be like the girls in her school tall, skinny, gets all the boys and perfect. Her two best friends Jessica and Daniella, give her a WHOLE new wardrobe. Her life suddenly changed boys started checking her out, popular girls asking her if she wants to have lunch with them, her crush Niall Horan asked her on a date. But it just wasn't her. She wanted people to like her for her not because she got a new wardrobe. Will she change back to her tom-boy life or deal with it?


2. Make-Over

[ In Lexi's P.O.V  I'm going to use Alex, Alexandra and Lexi.]


Alex's P.O.V


'' Hey girl!'' Daniela yelled. '' Hey.'' I replied. '' So before we got here we went SHOPPING!!!'' Jessica said jumping up and down. ''Okay and we bought you new make-up!!'' Daniela yelled. '' Okay lets get this over with.'' I said. '' Okay since your hair is okay straight we are not going to change that.'' Jessica said. '' Okay.'' I replied. '' You are going to wear this tomorrow.'' Daniela said holding a black skirt and a batman shirt. '' Is there suspenders?'' I asked. '' I thought you would say that.'' Jessica said pulling out white suspenders. '' Could I wear my glasses?'' I asked as they nodded. '' Okay now for your make-up you put on this lip stick.'' Jessica said tapping at the cherry red lip stick. '' And you wear a little bit of eye-liner and mascara.'' Daniela said pulling out the eye-liner and mascara out of the bag. '' Okay.'' Was all I could say. '' Last but not least the shoes.'' Jessica said. '' Your going to wear these black boots.'' Daniela said handing me the boots. '' Okay.'' I replied getting the boots. '' Okay I think we are done her.'' Jessica said. '' Hey and stay beautiful.'' Daniela said flipping her brown hair. '' Whatever.'' I said flipping my black hair. The two girls chuckled. UGH! I'm so tired. Good thing we didn't get homework. I the changed into a black sleeveless shirt and sweat pants. I'm so sleepy. I took off my Nickes and let sleep take over me.


[ HEY!! sorry I didn't write that much :/  It's like 1:15 were I live so yea. :] STAY BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 ]


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