The princess


3. wonderlust

As I got home, I slid the key in the knob hole and pushed the heavy door. Carl rushed in strait to his water. I went upstairs and dropped my duffle bag on the floor and went to my bathroom. I turned the water on and undressed. I went to my large mirror and looked at my naked body. I was the exact figure of my mother. My eyes, a mixture of blue and grey and long eyelashes. Natural red lips and long wavy hair. I turned back to the shower and got in. I got out and wrapped a towel on my hair and went to my room. I put on a long shirt and black lace underwear. I sat on my bed and got my journal out of my drawer. I continued writing my song. I have been working on it for over a week now and it's going good so far. Then I hear a knock on my door. "come in." I said. It was my little sister julieta. "Sister, father hasn't come home yet... He said he would be back in an hour.

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