The princess


4. lost

"You were here alone all this time?" I asked. "I locked all the doors and windows, I'm fine." She said. "Did he tell you where he went?" "No, he only said he will be back and to ask you if you can make dinner." "Mmm, okay I'll make dinner in a bit." "Thank you." She left my room and I got out a normal shirt and some jeans. Then I put my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs. Carl saw me and came running towards the kitchen. My little sister came and sat down on the kitchen counter and turned on the radio. The song skinny love by birdy came on and we both began to sing. I got out some broccoli and chicken. I cut the chicken in thin slices and put the broccoli in a pot with water. I seasoned the chicken and fried it in a pan. "Sister." My little sister said. "Yes julieta." I said "when is dad coming? It's been more than an hour." "I don't know Julie, maybe he'll be back in a bit or tomorrow. Don't worry okay?" "Okay." I smiled at her and ruffled her hair. She looked just like father. A dimple on her chin and big blue eyes. A smile so cheeky. I finished making dinner and sat my sister on her chair and we ate. I liked being the older one and taking care if my sister. My mother always used to say that I will be the most caring sister in the whole world. I miss my mothers kind words.

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