Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


9. Chapter 9:I

Samantha's POV:

Louis was smiling when we separated from the kiss. That smile was taking away when someone punched him straight in the jaw. I looked up and saw who it was. It was zayn. What the hell. They started to fight. Christie was screaming for zayn to stop. Niall came and punched both of them in the stomach for them to stop. They stopped and looked at him. " what " Niall said " I just wanted you guys to stop.". Zayn had a bloody nose and a black eye, he had blood everywhere. Louis was injured more. He had a black eye a bloody mouth and a bloody nose he was yelling in pain and he had bruises. Zayn was coming over with me. But I backed away but he still came over. Niall might have noticed because he went infront of me. " zayn she DOESINT want to see you mate just leave her alone right now" Niall said. Zayn turned around and walked to Christie. " umm thanks Niall " I said. " you're welcome " he said. " can I leave now " I said. He nodded. I walked off but then there was another gang there. They all looked at me. " hey cupcake what's youre name?" A guy asked. I didn't answer. He grabbed my face. " I said what's youre name cupcake " he said angrily now. " Samantha " I said. " we'll have fun with you won't we boys " he said. I screamed but the guy covered my mouth after three screams. He covered it with duck tape. He started to kiss my neck he didint even leave my neck so I'm guessing he was making a hickey. He was starting to take my shirt off. I kept on trying to scream. " JAKE GET OFF HER " some one yelled wich I knew it was zayn. He was lifted off of me. Then I was left with Niall. I saw how zayn punched and kicked and how the other dude named jake was fighting back. " you're staying with us today " Niall said. " what " I asked. "  there dangerous and they can easliy find you " he said. I nodded. I like talking to Niall in a friend way. Zayn came running. " sweetheart we got to run now " Niall screamed. We ran and ran that's when Niall pulled out a gun and shoot some guys. The gang was big. I stopped in my tracks. " Sam lets go " zayn yelled. " shut up " I screamed. The other gang was getting closer. I looked at Niall he out the gun away. " thank you " I said and we started to run away. We got to thier gang and told them the y'all went In a black van including me and Christie. We got to a huge house. " how can umm you guys afford this " I asked. " rob- " Louis started to say still hurt but then was cut off by nialls hand on his mouth. " Sam you want a drink?" Niall asked. I shook my head because I didn't want any. Everybody took a drink Louis seemed better. I was the only one not drinking. Everyone was super drunk. Niall was drunk but he was the only one not saying lets have sex Samantha him and zayn and both of the were really drunk like the other people. Zayn grabbed my hand and took me I think to his room I tried to push away. He closed and locked the door. He pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. " stop zayn I'm still a virgin I don't want to have sex " I said. " too bad " he said. " this is rape " I said. " it's not rape if you want me to have sex with you you're just denying you do want me to have sex with you I make you wet every time you see " he said. I do want to have sex with him but not right now. Make a decision Sam should I or should I not. Wait Christie is pregnant with his child this will feel wrong. I didn't make a Decison and zayn was already naked. I didn't look. " if you want to look you can " he said smirking. " mines a big one it will hurt " he said still smirking. " get undressed " he said. " no " i whispered. " ok then ill undress you " he said and walked over here. " ill do it " I said before he touched me even if I said no he would still have sex with me. I took of my pants and shirt. " you can leave you're bra and underwear on well see what I can do with that later." He said. He through me on the bed again and he went on top of me he kissed on my neck then he went down to my boobs to my stomach. I started to get into  it. He was smirking. He took of my bra and underwear. We made out then he said " blowjob ". I nodded. He stuck his thing In my mouth and you know eww. Then after more making out. And then I felt something going in me. " zayn it hurts " I said. " I know baby just wait a little more I know I told you it's big " he said grabbing my hand. I was adjusting to his size now. " I'm going to start slow and the fast. I nodded. He thrusted slow and then fast. After we kissed and got dressedd. Zayn let me borrow one of his shirts. I put on my underwear then the shirt. I didn't even bother put on my bra I left my clothes on zayn's bed. Zayn had shorts and Wasint wearing no shirt. We went downstairs and there was a naked curly haired guy and another dude I didn't know. " Harry get dressed there's two girls here " zayn yelled. " and there are smoking hot " he said winking at me. " hey she is mine " zayn said smiling. " in you're dreams malik you didn't ask me out " I said smirking. He whispered in my ear and I nodded. Harry went to change and the other guy was named Liam we talked and talked. We ordered pizza and ate. Me and Christie got along with each other a bit more. " so you made out with zayn today " Christie asked. I nodded. " he has a large- " I was abut to say the d word when Christie cut me off.  " yeah I know I'm pregant with his child " she said a bit sad. " why are you sad. " I asked. " because I'm not ready to have a child I'm going to have stretch marks and I'm going to be fat " she said. " who cares at least you're having a kid that you will love " I said. She nodded. " what if you're pregant like you get to be with his child also "she said. I shrugged. " are you sure he is the father of you're kid " I asked her. She nodded. " the other day me and him went to the hospital they told us yeah. " she said. I nodded again. Zayn came over and gave me a kiss on the head. Christie looked sad. Zayn was sitting on the couch now watching tv. The other boys were eating, watching, or trying to open a bottle of carrots for Louis. " why are you sad ? " I asked her. " because zayn loves you not me " she said. That got attention from zayn.  " we can still be friends Christie " zayn said. " yeah but you're the father of our kid " she said back. " yeah " he said. " so you have to be with him " she said. " I will just not always I'm telling I'm with Sam " he said. She started to cry. " what if Sam gets pregnant you will be spending more time with her and not me for you're child " she said. I'm getting confused I thought. " we'll I can't be dating both of you so I'm going to date Sam we can arrange something when I can see our child " he said. " he'll want to see you and he went be Abe to see you " Christie ket n s

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