Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


10. Chapter 9 part 2:

Hey my little carrots this is going to be part of chapter 9: because my iPad got a glitch and I have to write part of it on here ok bye my little carrots..

Samantha's POV:

" no Christie I would spend time with our child too but I'm telling you I love Sam " he said again. Christie started to cry even more. " zayn don't talk no more " I said. " let's go " I said. " we're going to you're room zayn " I said. He nodded. " meet you up there girls in a second " he said. We arrived at the room Christie still crying. " Christie shush stop crying he will be with you too he  has to because you're carrying his child " I Said to her. She nodded. We both layed down on zayn's bed and turned on the tv and put the covers over us. " so how was it?" Christie said. " what was what?" I asked. " you and zayn today " she said. " oh good I guess " I said REMEBERING. " oh " she said. Zayn knocked on the door and came in. He got on the other side of me and layed down and closed his eyes and his hand was around my waist. I turned around and faced him. Christie turned the light off and the tv and we all fell asleep. 

~ the next morning ~

The next morning I woke up Christie and zayn were still asleep. I layed back down and looked at zayn. " take a picture it lasts longer " zayn said smirking wich scared me because I thought he was alseep. " I've been awake for half an hour babe " he said. " oh " I said. He smiled. Christie mumbled and then woke up. " I wanna throw up " Christie said and went to the bathroom. " baby stuff " I yelled smiling. " hey what if I got pregnant I have to go threw that also " I said to zayn. " yeah Christie found out the second day I had sex with her " he said. " we'll that makes me feel better, note the sarcasm zayn " I said smiling. Christie came back. " I hate being pregnant " she said. " but I want to see my baby already " she said happily. " my parents " she said.  " yeah what about it " I asked. " they don't know I'm pregant and don't know where I am " she said " but who cares they never know I am there " she said sad. " you should still call " zayn said touching her arm. She nodded and grabbed her cell and went outside. After awhile Christie came back crying. " my parents kicked me out of the house they said they don't want me with the child and won't help me support it if I want to go back into my house and talk to them I have to Abbott but I'm not doing that and I have to go pick up my things tommorow morning. But where am I supposed to go?" She asked. " here " zayn said. I looked at him. " yeah Sam you can come live here also with Christie and with us and the boys. " he said. I nodded I liked the idea. Zayn got up and kissed me. Christie looked and looked back down. I looked at zayn and I gave him a go ahead look. He grabbed Christie face and he kissed her and let go fast. Christie smiled. I sighed. Then I had the urge to vomit. I rushed to the bathroom. " Sam are you ok " Christie said rushing up to me. " no umm Christie after we eat please bring me some pregnancy tests " I said still vomiting. " yeah sure " she said. I FINSIHED and brushed my teeth to not smell like vomit and went to eat. After Christie went to the store and bought the pregnancy test. I went to the bathroom and I did It and It said.....


Ooooh guys cliffhanger sorry guys to keep you eager now.... Bye my little carrots

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