Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


8. Chapter 8:

Sam POV:

I was getting ready to go to the party with Louis... I was scared because it is in a alley and second gangs , drugs, smoking, having sex. I took a shower and after a awhile I got out I blowed dried my hair before putting on my clothes because I don't want to wet them. After that I put on these clothes.

I didn't want to wear something hot because well you guys know...

i straitened my hair and then I was finished. I waited until Louis  would text me and say that he is here. After ten minutes of waiting he texted. I went downstairs and ran up to his camry. We arrived at the ally a few minutes later. We walked in he was holding my hand. We arrived at the party and there was smoking, drugs, and people having sex. Oh great. Then I spotted someone zahn and Christie here also. " Louis, look zahn and Christie are here" I said. " yeah I know don't pay any attention to them ok but let's get closer" he said moving his body closer to mine. I grabbed his hand and got closer to zahn and Christie. " I love you zayn " I heard Christie say. Tears were forming again but instead of the, falling I grabbed Louis face and smashed my lips on his. He moved his hands from my hips and he slipped them in my back pockets. This is getting awkward everyday. I stopped kissing him. I sat down on the floor. I'm getting out of this plan that Louis asked me to do. I just don't like it.  I don't even like Louis and now I kiss him and do stuff with him... What is wrong with me??

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