Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


7. Chapter 7:

Sams POV:

I ran in to a empty classroom and sat in one of the chairs. " oh hey my little peasant" someone said behind me stroking my hair, and also I knew that voice anywhere again and it was Louis. " Louis what the hell are you doing" I said. " I have a little plan what if you and me pretend where dating because zayn betrayed us when we said we can't date you, none of us. Because you're really hot. Oh wait did I just say that out loud" he said. " um yeah you did so you didn't want to be mean to me you just wanted me to like you" I said. He nodded. " ok I like the plan were going to pretended bieng girlfriend and boyfriend" I said. " ok yes thank you but we will have to do kissing and making out and you know the drill" he said back.

Louis POV:

Yes she fell for it well I actually do like her and that was true but she fell for th explain she actually is going to be my kinda girlfriend zayn Is going to be so mad. Me and Sam walked out holding hands. " there they are " I said to Sam and pointing at zayn and Christie. " yeah" I said back again. " let's get close enough" I whispered loud enough so she can hear. We got closer to them and I looked her in the eye. She understood what I was about to do. I placed my lips onto hers. I turned Sam over so I can see zayn and Christie. Zayn looked mad. I slid my hands into the back pockets of SAMs skinny jeans. I can still see zayn getting mad. He grabs Christie and said " Christie I'm so glad that you're having our baby " he said as he kissed her. Sam broke away. I saw her face she had tears forming again. I took my hands out of her back pockets and hold her hand and walked her to her next class. I told her I was picking her up after school. 

-End of day-

I saw Sam walking out of the building. She ran up to me. I saw Christie and zayn walk out also. " Sam I got invited to a party at a friends house, you want to come" I asked. " sure " she said. " ok great but just to let you know there will be, smoking weed, drugs, sex, gangs, and more" I told her. She looked scared but she still said yes. " I will be picking you up at 7:00 I said. She nodded. I took her to her house so she can get ready and I left for mine. This trick is working and the best part zayn and Christie are going to be at the party also.

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