Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


6. Chapter 6:

Samantha POV:

I bet zayn didint even notice I left, because he was too busy arguing with Louis. Since the NEW KIDS came my life has been such a disaster. I changed into some pjs and turned on the tv. I was watching wizards of waverly place. There was a knock on my door.  Kevin came into my room. " hey little sis" he said.  (A/N: he is 25 years old ). " hi" I said back. " do you want to tell me why you were crying now" he said the movie. " no it's just no Kevin it's alright just I broke up with my boyfriend " I said. He hugged me. " can I join and watch the movie with you" he said with funny voice. I laughed and said sure. " ok be back in a few pause the movie" he screamed. " we're are you going " I said while pausing the movie. " Im making some popcorn" he screamed back. I soon remembered the kiss that me and zayn gave. Edgar just wanted to have sex. Zayn respected if I wanted to or not. I got disrupted by my thoughts when my phone buzzed. I got a text. I looked it was from zayn. " Sam where did you go " he texted. " my house I don't waging to be around you, near you, close to you, ever talk to you again, and also were breaking up" I texted back. " what why?"he texted back. " because I don't want to be around a killer" I replied. " stop texting because I won't answer back I textd again. I turned of my phone and waited for my brother. 


I woke up Nd got ready for school. I was walking to school with my brother because he meets up with his girlfriend there. I said bye and went inside the school. I met up with Emma and Katy. " hey gurls" I said. " hey I heard you and zayn had a 5 minute relationship but then you broke up with him because he kills people" Katy said. " yeah" I said. " we kissed" I said. " YOU WHAT " Emma screamed. Zayn passed. He stared at me. He was with Louis and of course christy and Niall. Zayn was giving me a sad look. I went up to him. " zayn come with me" i said. " he is not following your oders" christy said. " I'm asking him to please come" I said. " why should my boyfriend go" she said smirking,p. that hurt. " you're boyfriend" I said a bit low. " yeah he is and he is staying with me" she said and kissed zayn. Niall was staring me up and down. I knew he liked me. I didn't know what to do so I kissed Niall. He kissed back. I looked at him and ran off to the bathroom. 

Zayn POV:

I hurt her feelings now. Why and she kissed Niall. Niall was smirking. I need to have sex now so bad. I grabbed Christie's hand and took her to a classroom. I locked the door. It didn't take me long to undress. Neither did she. I made out with her. I pounded into her hard she kept screaming my name. I got done and got dressed and left. She got dressed also and left with me. 

-Two weeks later-

I broke up with Christie now she cried she still loves me but I don't care I love Samantha. I met up with Sam in front of her locker. " hey Sam umm can you be my girlfriend again" I asked. " zayn I can't" she said. " please" I said back. " ok fine but don't kill anymore" I said. I nodded and hugged her. That's when Christie came crying. " zayn I'm pregant " she said in between sobs. " by who" I said hoping it was not mine." It's youres" she said. I looked at sam she had tears. She ran off. Why does this only happen to me??

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