Bad Boys

Samantha Parker , Katy Roe, and Emma Soler are all eighteen . They all go to the same high school . They're all cheerleader at west Monroe high . They are all popular . They have a lot of friends . One day , three boys come to their school.
What happens when they boys turn out to be bad boys ? Would the bad boys be zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson??
Would they fall in love ? Who will be heartbroken ? Who will fight for love ?
Find out in The Bad Boys .


4. Chapter 4:

Samantha POV:

I ran into the bathroom, I let al the tears escape from my eyes I didn't care anymore. Emma and Katy walked in. Thier boyfriends were here also. " it's a girls bathroom guys can't come in" I said. " we know " Daniel said. " we talked to Edgar for you, he said he said to fuck off that you cheated on him" Luis said. " oh wow thanks for telling me that made me feel better" I said. I wiped my eyes and did my makeup all over again. I walk outside with Emma and Katy and their bfs. I walk past Edgar, he gave me a dirty look. I walk past Louis. " Louis just to let you know PAYBACKS A BITCH" I said. " damn dude are you going to let a bitch say that to you" Niall said. " ok ok guys leave her alone she had enough for today" zayn said. I smiled at zayn. He smiled back. Zayn is kinda cute. wait, wait, WAIT what did I just say to myself I don't like him he is a bad boy, Edgar was a bad boy also but he didn't act like them smirking and tattoos and drinking, they probably have sex with all the girls. " zayn are you protecting her" Louis said. " I might " zayn said back a little angry. " who's the bad boy here" zayn said. " you are duh" Louis said back. " ok so don't fuck around with me, alright" zayn said back. " that goes for you also Niall" zayn said. I guess zayn Is the boss of the pack. Once Louis and Niall left zayn stayed behind. " hey I'm zayn malik I'm sorry for them doing that to you, and I'm sorry that you're boyfriend broke up with you because of Louis" he said. " it is a,right" I said a bit nervous.  Turn around to see Emma and Katy, they were scared of zayn now. " umm if it is alright with you I can take you out tonight" zayn said. " umm I -I- umm sure" I stuttered. " great, ill pick you up at 8:00 today, can I see you're phone so I can put in my number?" He asked. " umm sure" I said while giving him my iPhone 5c. He typed it in. I gave him my number also. 

Emma POV:

Oncd zayn left I screamed at Samantha. " what the hell are you thinking Sam he is a bad boy and look at you you're all butterfly and roses and he is all smoking, tattoos, and piercings, drinking. Do you see what I mean" I scream. " yeah I understand I'm scared I just kept thinking what of he hurts me and I say no" Sam says. " true " I said. " I just gotta wait for tonight" Samantha said walking away wiping her tears.


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