Come On!

a girl who always loved one direction but until she meet harry well she change her feeling about one direction and harry. I hope you in joy


3. the consert

                         The next morning...... "IT'S TIME WE ARE GOING I CAN'T WAIT" i said yelling when Morgan got to my house "I KNOW"  she said yelling back 


                                         When we were in the car (5 hour drive) i heard my phone ring in my pocket "hello?" i said (it was a blocked number) "see you to night" this guy said. okay by this time i'm freaking out. ok another five minutes and i'm still freaking out inside by two things see one direction and taking pictures with them ( i won V.I.P tickets) and that freaky phone call. I mean who would call me saying see you tonight but whatever i want to have fun tonight i'm see freakin one direction!! "you ready?" Morgan asked " i'm way passed ready now lets go!!" we walked out of the car and we can hear girls screaming and one of those girls are going to be me. " man its a pain to walk to the front row(we won that too!!)" i said. when they came out i just started to cry of joy the are so cute!! when they were singing c'mon c'mon  Harry pointed at me a gave him the are you talking about me look and he nodded 

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