Come On!

a girl who always loved one direction but until she meet harry well she change her feeling about one direction and harry. I hope you in joy


4. Picture Time!!

                            We were crying (me and Megan) we just love one direction. When it was 3 hours it was time!! OMG i just can't feelings in i'm so happy!! and yet scared "what if they think i'm weird or something" i said "Eilzabeth clam down your a very cool chick!! i know they will like you!!"Megan said with a worried about me voice we walked in the room to wait to take pictures with them" i just can't believe that this is happening this is my dream!!" i said with mixed emotions " i know they are so cute" Megan said so happly "ok if girls would stop crying over one direction they would may come out" my brother said with a smirk. we were waiting forever like 10 minutes "boo!!" i heard behind me it scared me "oh my god oh my god" i said crying and falling to the ground harry when to go hug me "its ok babe." 


                      "Ok lets take those pictures!!" Zayn said with a smile i got off the floor and we took a lot of picturesand in every single one harry was right next to me i mean its not bad its a good thing but weird WAIT!! was he the one who called me no what i'm going going crazy but he did point at me and he was next to me in every picture "Ok thats a lot of pictures i think we are good" my brother said i wanted to take more i love taking pictures "Aww man i just love taking pictures" said ok we are perfect to gather!! "omg we are perfect to gather!"i wispered in Magan's ear "secrets don't make friends" my brother said man i hate when he does that. everyone looked at me "um i was just telling her how much-" i got cut off by Megan "how much she loves you all" thank god she was her and saved me "oh well we don't have to keep that a secret you know" Louis said 

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