Come On!

a girl who always loved one direction but until she meet harry well she change her feeling about one direction and harry. I hope you in joy


5. falling in love with her!!

                                                                  HARRY'S P.O.V

                                 We left them "man i think i'm falling in love!!" i told Louis "good thing you have her number" he said yes yes it was me who called her "yea i will call her later i should have told her" i said while rubbing my neck i was running to my dressing room 

                                          "hey Elizabeth um the phone call was me the one that i said 'see you tonight' yea that was me Harry Styles I will call you back at 6:00 (it's 2:18) i know it weird me calling you but i hope you get this message before 6:00 ok well by"i was so nervous to talk 

                                                                 ELIZABETH'S P.O.V

                                      OMG is it true that Harry Styles just called me i feel like jumping up dawn and crying forever of joy RING RING.........IT'S 6:00 PM "hello?" i said trying to stay clam "is this Elizabeth?" he asked "Yea" i stayed still trying to stay clam "hey Elizabeth it's Harry i don't know if you got my massage but it was me who called you i know your like but i don't know you but i think i'm falling for you!!" OMG did he just say yup he did i think i'm going to break and jump and nonstop "hello hello??" he said " oh yea sorry about that" i said still trying to stay clam " i was just wondering if you want to you know like hang out sometime?" he said "yea that will be nice" i said than hung up he said he will call me later about the plans i was like dying

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