Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


13. Chapter Twelve


Alicia's POV

"Did you change your name?" he asked looking straight into my eyes through the mirror. A sudden coldness came over my body, my goosebumps raising, my pupils dilating. Fright. That was what was happening to me as I sat there motionless in the backseat of Mason's Range Rover. I hated the feeling, because I knew what I was afraid of.


And I knew Mason wouldn't judge me, deep down in my soul. But, at that time all I feared was hatred. 

"Alicia?" he questioned. My eyes widened to their extent as he called me by real name. "Is that your name?"

I could hear slight anger edging it's way in his voice. I gulped down the lump in my throat. "Yes," my voice squeaked. 

"IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE?!" Mason roared, I shivered at the way he raised his voice. It truly scared me. "AM I A JOKE?!"

"No," I whispered, feeling a cold tear slide down my cheek. 


"Was?" I asked, feeling more tears fall down my face.

"No," he started. "We....we just need a break." he turned and stared into my eyes, wiping away the tears tracing my cheeks. "Don't cry, baby." His lips met my forehead for a short second.

"You scared me," I said while he climbed into the backseat. His arms wrapped around me and he kissed every inch of my face. I giggled, a smile clear on my face. "I thought you said we needed a break."

"I don't think I could deal." a throaty chuckle made his chest vibrate. "But, what should I call you? Alicia or Leah?"

"With other people around: Leah. Just us: Alicia," I suggested. He nodded in agreement.

"And one more question."


"Why did you do it?" 


He frowned. " You don't want to tell me," He spoke correctly.

"But, Mason...I think it's for the best that I don't tell you."

He narrowed his eyes in a suspicious manor and I smashed my lips to his, they moved in sync like they were one. He pulled away and smiled at me, a dazzling grin that shined brighter than the morning sun. 

Mason climbed to the front seat and drove away.



My phone buzzed in my back pocket, making me grin. I knew who it was.

From: Elle

Picking up the beer and the snacks with Karla :) Invite Karla 2! She's fun!

I grinned and pictured what our little sleepover would be like. We were having girls night, but the twins didn't want to go clubbing so we were just pigging out on crisps and beer. And Elle was right, I should invite Karla.

To: Elle

K! Im gunna txt her now. Hurry up, Im achoholy deprived ;P

From: Elle

Oh, you are sooo Irish

I burst with laughter and sent Karla a quick invite. She gladly agreed to come. I sat and waited for everyone to arrive, not bothering to tidy up since I knew the place would be a wreck afterwards.

My attention was taken away from Doctor Who when the giggling of the twins crept into my ears. "Honey, I'm home!" Kat exclaimed, throwing up her arms that carried many bags in the air.

"Woah, guys there's only four of us. How much food do we need?" I widened my eyes at her. She just grinned.

"We decided to get some groceries, too," Elle explained, taking all of the bags to the kitchen. I scurried in after her to help put up all the food. Karla lived a few miles away so we could hang out a while until she got here.

After I finished loading the freezer with Kat's frozen chips, I grabbed a beer and plopped on the sofa with Kat herself.  She snickered at me. 

"What?" I raised an eyebrow in her direction. I brought the beer to my lips, letting the liquid slide down my throat. She just smirked and shook her head. "What the hell, Kat?!" I giggled swatting her face with a pillow.

"That!" she laughed her finger darting to my neck. As my own reaction, my hand slid up to where she was pointing.

"Ow," I winced,  jerking my hand from the skin.

"Mason gave you a love bite!" Elle exclaimed, smiling brightly.

" Looks fresh, too," Kat commented. Her right eye dropped into a wink. Blood crept up to my cheeks as I felt the room get hotter.

"Shut up." I playfully punched them both in the arm. Love taps as mum used to call them.

"No, but seriously. Why did he give you another? It's not like his neighbours can't hear you fucking through the wall." Kat took a long swig from her bottle. I scrunched up my brow in confusion. "Oh, don't give me that look, you know it's true."

"No...," I trailed off, "We haven't had sex yet."

"WHAT?!" Kat exclaimed. Oh, great. Here comes her rant. "Its been four months. He just doesn't want to show you that love does he-"

I cut her off. "Actually, I'm uncomfortable. And I-I....he's just waiting because I want to."

"Why would you be uncomfortable?" Elle asked, raising her eyebrows. The girls didn't know about my cutting and now wasn't the time for lots of people to know. My eyes travelled to my stomach where I usually used the blade. "Leah, you aren't fat." she was referring to the direction my eyes were set. "You're  beautiful."

I grinned weakly and heard a knock at the door. My feet carried me to the front of the flat-building. I opened the heavy door to reveal Karla.

She enthusiastically entered. "TIME TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED!"

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