Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


11. Chapter Ten


Alicia's POV

"Relation to victim?" I asked, standing in front of the dark room.

"None," Adam explained. "Just a close friend."

"Oh, okay." I nodded, turning the knob to enter the room.

A girl with mascara marks streaming down her face looked up at me. One of her hands gripped the side of the brass chair and the other held a tissue she used to dry her tears.

"You're better with touchy suspects." Karla patted my shoulder and exited the room.

Truthfully, I was better with touchy suspects. I was always good at consoling people who were a little down.

"Hi." I gave the girl a sympathetic grin. The girl just kept weeping. "Sweetheart," I started, taking her hand in mine. "I want you to know that this happens every single day. And that Kirstie isn't the only one. All I want you to do is tell me about the last time you saw her."

She looked up into my eyes. "Will it help you find the murderer?"

"Most definitely." That wasn't for sure, but I'd do anything to make her speak to me.

"Well, it was January 27th," she informed. I nodded, writing down the date and realizing it was the date of the police call. "Kirstie called, asking me to drive her to a boy's house-"

"What was this boy's name?" I asked.

"Toby Johnson. He...he was popular at school and he only used girls. I didn't want to drive her, because I knew what he'd do to her."

"Rape her?" my eyebrows raised.

"No, just sleep with her. But, he'd leave her heartbroken and Kirstie was really fragile."

"Oh. You do realize that she was almost raped, right?"

"She was?" She gasped. "I'm such a horrible friend."

"No, sweetie. You're not. You were looking out for her by not driving her to this lad's house," I paused, "Is that all?"

"Yeah. I knew she walked after I told her no, though."

"Thank you for your time...Scout," I smiled, seeing her name on the notes I'd taken. Scout. It's different.

"Thank you, too. Find the murderer for me?"

"Okay sweetheart."

Little did I know, the murderer might find me first.


"This'll be fun," I smiled at Mason's fingers that were interlocked with mine.

The snow crunched under our feet as we walked towards the playground. A strong breeze hit my face, blowing my long hair. It whipped in the wind, like an ocean of chocolate. My small hand gripped the locks and held them in place, not wanting to deal with another hair catastrophe.

Mason's hand left mine alone in the cold as he skipped towards the swings in a girly way. I giggled and followed suit.

I pulled the end of my sweater down to write the white fluff off my seat, before I plopped down. My petite fingers laced around the chain links as I slowly rocked back and forth.

My honey irises met Mason's. His were like silver coins that shimmered all the time. His cheeks were redder than normal because of the cold and snowflakes gathered in his sandy hair.

"You look pretty with snowflakes in your hair," he complimented, smiling wildly.

"Thanks." I shook the flakes out of his hair with my hand. Which only made him reach up and fix it.

"You're gonna pay!" He yelled, standing up from his swing.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no," I repeated the word over and over as he lifted me bridal style from my seat. "Put me down!"

"Nope." He smirked into his words and continued to walk.

"Where are we going?" I asked noticing that he left the playground.

"Somewhere special." He grinned, stepping into the parking lot. He opened the backdoor and placed me in.

"What?! The backseat?" I didn't catch on until he climbed in with me and shut the door, pushing my body to the seat. I shook my head. "This isn't legal and you know it."

"Of course, the forensic teams are supposed to know the laws." He pecked my lips. "There's no law about snogging."


"I'm just kidding." He pecked my nose and climbed to the front. "I'm your chauffeur."

"Then drive me home, Mr.Driver!" I pointed to the windshield. He chuckled and sped away.

"Leah," he spoke softly. My eyes met his in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah?" I smiled but my grin faded at his next words.

"Did you change your name?"


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