Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


17. Chapter Sixteen


(AHHHHH, SEXUAL CONTENT{just a bit though})

Alicia's POV 

I held my arms up in front of my face, ready to take a few more punches , but my trainer, Isaac, put his hands down that were concealed by his mits. I slightly frowned  wanting to train more. Truthfully, boxing does help stress.

I headed towards him with my gloves still guarding my face. He chuckled at me and smiled before speaking, "You can take them down, now." I had only kept them up because he said not to move my hands until he told me to do so. My sarcasm just wanted to fool around, I guess.

I threw the gloves onto the floor and began to unwrap my hands. The handwraps are there to secure all your loose joints and moveable bones. The handwrap fastens all your joints together so the shock is better distributed across your entire hand. You don’t want your joints to be moving freely and independently when the hand strikes an object. You can suffer a fracture if joints are moving in their own direction. I remember Isaac telling me while he actually wrapped my hands with the semi-elastic material.

Mason hugged me from behind, his sweaty body making me cringe. "Ew, you need a shower," I commented wrinkling my nose. He had been lifting weights in the other room while I had my training. I heard him laugh evily behind me before he embraced me again and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

I grinned and picked my bag up from the floor, we started to head towards the door. "Don't you want to change back?" he interrogated.

"Nah, I have to shower anyways," I shrugged, while his hand slid into mine. 

"Wait, guys!" Isaac called from behind us, we both turned to see him running towards us with a piece of paper.

"What's that?" Mason asked me. 

"You think I know?" I smacked his stomach, making him giggle like a little girl.

"Here," Isaac said handing me the flyer. "One of my best students is having a match this weekend and maybe you could come and watch to see some more experienced people box."

I nodded. "Sounds fun, I think I'm free Saturday too."

"Good. I'll see you then, Leah." he winked. 

Mason, please don't notice. Please don't.

But, he did. I could tell by the way his grip tightened on my hand. Isaac left and we started to leave, an awkward silence consuming the happiness that was usually there. "We aren't going to that match," he spat, while he sped away from the gym.

"What? Why?" I tried not to sound whiny, but it was hard. He glared at me like I was stupid. 

"Why? I don't want that guy flirting with you."

"Winking isn't always sexual, ya know. Plus, you'll be there, we don't even have to talk to him."

He shook his head but kept his eyes set on the road. "We aren't going."

I'd never seen him this way and I was scared to push him any farther. It sucks though, I was looking forward to watching the match. I even thought about going on my own, but that would hurt his feelings.

Mason parked in front of his apartment building and I looked at him kind of confused. "You can hang out with me all day today," he said, seeing the confusion in my face.

"Oh, okay." I nodded as we climbed out of the car and ran to the elevator. "I get the shower first," I said in a childish way.

He smirks and nods as we walk out of the elevator and two doors down to his flat. I giggle and drop my stuff, I wanted to make sure that I'd really get the shower first. The B.O. rising from my armpits definitely wasn't attractive. 

I stripped all of my clothes off and adjusted the temperature of the water before jumping in. I wet my hair and reached for the bar of soap that I suspected to be in the place it always is, but it wasn't. I turned around hoping to find the soap, but instead a pair of lips were on mine.

Mason shocked me at first but I kissed back, placing my hands on his chest. Our naked bodies came closer together while he proceeded to kiss me. "I love you, Alicia," he whispered. My eyes widened, we hadn't got that far yet. "I don't want anyone to take you away from me, because you're mine."

He was talking about Isaac. I barely knew the lad, but I couldn't kill this moment no matter how ridiculous he was being.

I forcefully kissed him again while his hands trailed up and down my naked body. His lips came in contact with my neck, hitting my sweet spot perfectly. The way he sucked on the skin was different than any other time, it made me crave it more.

It made me crave him more.

Moans escaped my lips when he started massaging my breasts. The water trickled down our bodies until I felt it stop. I opened my eyes and he had me bridal style in his arms. Mason placed me on a towel spread on the floor.

"Not in here," I basically begged him. He bit his lip and nodded and carried me to his bedroom. My back hit the mattress and my hazel eyes were swallowed by his silver ones. That's when he slid two fingers inside of me.


Mason and I had both showered afterwards since we both didin't get proper showers. And, now, we were just laying on the couch watching some television. Honestly, I hadn't felt that much pleasure in so long. I just wished that I'd feel it again soon.

Mason's head layed in my lap as I ran my fingers through is wavy hair. A sudden pang hit my stomach, cramps. Oh, shit. Why now?

I shoved his head off my lap and scurried towards my purse for a tampon. After a five minute, worthless scavenger hunt, I realized that I didn't have one. Mental facepalm for not putting some in my purse. 

"Baby?" I asked sweetly since it was late and I didn't want to make him go with me.

"Yeah?" he asked from a distraught position on the couch where he clearly just let his head fall when I moved. I giggled at him, staring up at the ceiling.

"Will you walk across the street with me? I need tampons." I jutted out my bottom lip and he stood from the sofa. His hands adjusted his shirt that were uncovering his abs.

"Sure." he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and stepped into the elevator with me. We dodged the traffic all the way across the street to my apartment building. 

I ran inside my flat as soon as i got to the door. Kat sat on the couch, stuffing her face with popcorn (she does that whenever Elle is at work). I gave her a 'hi' and ran to the bathroom, grabbing my box of tampons. 

"I grabbed you some Ibuprofen, too," Mason said before we stepped towards the door.

"Bye, Kat! Okay then, let's go," I mumbled to him and we exited the the flat. I began to skip toward the elevator until I noticed that he wasn't walking with me. I turned to see him holding something small in his hands. 

"What are these?" he asked, facing the orange bottle towards me. My eyes widened at the text on the label.

My depression pills.

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