Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


7. Chapter Six


 (Sexual references:P)

Alicia's POV

"Just come over, Leah," Mason urged me through the phone. I bit my lip, my eyes falling on Elle and Kat's room across the hall. It was 3am, and I had no idea why he wanted me to come to his so badly.

"It's 3am," I whispered. "I don't want to wake my roommates."

He chuckled. "Please?" He begged. "I can't....I can't sleep."

The corners of my lips curved into a grin. "You're mad."

"About you." A crimson tint danced across my cheeks. "Please? For me?"

I shrugged. "I guess. I'll be there in a few."

The convenient thing was that he lived in the building across the way. I could easily and quickly get to his flat.

"Great. Wear something sexy," he said in a husky voice.

That's when I caught on. I hadn't got that far with Mason yet. And...well I'd only had sex one other time. But, the bigger thing was I wasn't ready for it.

A swallowed the lump in my throat, facing the door and standing from my bed. "O-okay."

Hope sweatpants are sexy enough. (A/N:

"See ya!"


I hung up, sliding my abnormally small feet into their slippers. I tiptoed to the elevator, careful not to wake the girls.

My ride down the lift was lonely, so I just pressed every button, smirking at my actions. I actually broke the elevator once before by pressing all the buttons.

The familiar tune of the music made me tap my feet and hum the obnoxious, mediocre music. The doors opened with a ding .revealing the sixth floor, fifth, fourth, third, second, lobby!

I set foot out of the automatic doors to see the doorman asleep on floor, a cup of coffee gripped in his hand as long, seemingly exaggerated snores left his mouth.

My teeth sank into my bottom lip to hold back the giggles. I left the building and dodged the traffic too the building across the way. I entered and ran to the lift, pressing the button to go to his room.

The doors opened to reveal his deserted living room. I stepped inside, sliding my shoes off.

A heavy force pushed me to the wall. "Nice sweatpants," He commented in a whisper, his teeth nipping at my earlobe.

"Thanks." I shot him a crooked smile. "Mason.."

"Yeah?" He questioned, pulling away with his gray eyes looking into mine, matting him look so innocent.


He bit his lip, but his mouth did curve into a smirk. It was hypnotizing, sexy.

He smashed his lips to mine, his have falling on my lower back and pressing my body to his. His tongue slithered into my mouth, twinning with mine. My fingers ran through his soft hair, tugging slightly.

He pulled away holding his arms out. "Jump, babe." I did as told and wrapped my legs sound his waist and my arms around his neck. He slightly lowered his head as his eyes stared onto mine. He swiftly carried me to the bedroom, placing me on the bed.

He hovered over my body, his lips lowering to my ear. "I want to kiss every inch of your body," he whispered. His lips brushed my neck, giving me goosebumps. He snickered. "I want to make you feel good." He kissed the skin my v-neck bared. "I want to make love to you."

I bit my lip my eyes boring into his. His hands slipped into the bottom of my shirt. I quickly grabbed his wrists and yanked them out, knowing he felt my scars.

His eyes widened. " it because of me?"

I shook my head, tears forming in my eyes. He pulled me into his lap, my face burying into his shoulder.

"I left them," I cried into his shoulder. "All of them. My parents, my brother, my friends, I even left him."

My tears were staining his t-shirt. "Him?"

"I loved him, Mason. I don't even know why I'm telling you this."

He hugged me closer to his body. "It's okay."

I cried myself to sleep in his arms, but I didn't tell him anymore.

His lips stayed pressed to my forehead, until I was out.

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