Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


12. Chapter Eleven



Niall's POV


My eyes opened to find the pattern of the cheap hospital sheets. They smelled of alcohol and disinfectant, my nose crinkled at the strong scent. I lifted my head from the mattress and faced the destroyed room. It looked as if a tornado swept through the small space.

Crumpled pieces of paper covered the floors and parts of the bed, an empty pizza box layed on the tile ground, the neck of my guitar was still clutched in my hand as if it would be sucked away if I let go. Brooklyn's body layed next to me, motionless, except for her chest that moved up and down with her steady breathing.

A long sigh left my lips as I finally gave up the argument with myself to actually get out of bed. I took the longest strides all the way to the bathroom. A sharp intake of breath noised from my mouth when I saw my apperance in the mirror. Had I looked this way all this time? This revolting? This gaunt?

Bags collected under the crevases of my eyes, my hair was flat on my head opossed from it's usual quiff, and my weight. I was definately not a normal weight.

My hand caught the back of my shirt and tugged it backward, making the clothing latch to my skin. My ribcage stuck out like sore thumbs, and my hip bones pointed sharply. I poked the out-sticking bone and shut my eyes.

How could I let myself get this way? Go this far?


"Niall?" Brooklyn's voice yawned as the pads of her bare feet peeked their way into my senses. I opened my eyes to face her, confused by my stance in front of my reflection. She unlatched my hand from the cloth and stared into my eyes. She gulped. "You'll get better," she said, her voice filled with promise, though she couldn't promise. She knew that she couldn't promise me health.

I stood there, realizing that her hand hadn't released mine. I unlinked her fingers from mine and faced the sink my hands finding something else. My toothbrush.

The horrid taste of my morning breath left and was replaced with strong, minty freshness. I came back up from spitting the contents of my mouth into the bowl of the sink, my eyes caught Brooklyn in the mirror. "You ate a whole pizza last night, Niall. I know you can eat," her voice was bitter but I could hear the slight smirk that played on her lips. "I just need to find out why you don't."

I watched her exit the room with such confidence. My jaw dropping with such exaggeration; I was mystifyed by her beauty. The way her hair flowed ever-so-slightly when she walked, the way her jade eyes sparkled in my presence, her cute button nose that set off her entire look. She just killed me.

I closed my mouth, letting blood flow up to my cheeks. I shrugged off the thought of her and left the washroom. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I met the doctor's presence.


"Ahh, there you are!" he said with too much enthusiasm.

"Yeah.....," I trailed off a bit, cocking an eyebrow.

"You know about our room sharing policy, Mr.Horan?"

This is about Brooklyn, I know it. " I understand that Brooklyn Tenner stayed in this room last night. I don't want it to happen again. Especially with a cancer patient."

"Oh, we were just writing a song together," I said, gesturing to my guitar lying on the bed.

"I'm aware. I heard of a couple things about noise complaints coming fom this wing."

"I'm sorry."

He nodded and headed towards the door. " Oh, and Mr.Horan."

"Yeah?" I raised my eyebrows in his direction.

"Clean up this mess." A mischievous grin played on his lips as he exited the room. I mumbled a couple of colorful words under my breath as scooped up balls of paper and tossed them inside the empty pizza box. Once I collected them all, I closed the box and headed towards the hall.

Entering the corridor, I was greeted my Mrs. Vacky. She was the woman who watched me eat every meal.

"Is that a pizza box, Mr. Horan?" She raised her eyebrows and pointed to the flimsy cardboard.

"Yeah. I ate it last night." I felt so proud for some reason, like eating this much was a accomplishment. Actually at this moment, it was.

"Without any help?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well, Brooklyn ate like two pieces but I ate the rest."

"Why don't you eat as much at the cafeteria?"

"Because, I said this before, I eat food. Not glop."

She chuckled as I walked away towards the rubbish chute at the end of the hall. I dumped the box down the chute and hurried back to my room to rehearse.

Memories of the song we wrote was all a blur. I could barely remember anything, which was proof of my need to rehearse.

I plucked my guitar off the bed and searched the room for my song book. I couldn't find it.

I checked the drawers and under the bed when I remembered.


"We should put it where we won't forget where it is," Brooklyn suggested, holding up my song book.

"Um, drawer?"

"Nah, too overused."

"Pizza box?" I joked. She must've taken me seriously because she skid the book into the box.

:Flashback Over

I THREW AWAY THE SONG BOOK! I nervously ran my fingers through my wild blonde locks. My feet led me to pace the room.

"What do I do?" I asked myself.

I know! I could tell Brooklyn and we could write it again.

I scurried down the hall, all the way to the cancer wing. I reached Brooklyn's room and burst in.

"I ACCIDENTALLY THREW AWAY THE SONG! " I yelled, throwing my arms into the air.

The familiar jade eyes widened at me. Brooklyn buried her face in her hands in embarrassment, a wig rested in her lap. Her hair.

Two older looking people looked at me flabbergasted, along with the doctor.

Something told me that I interrupted a VERY important conversation.


Brooklyn's POV

After leaving Niall's room I went back to my room, removing my wig. I studied myself in the mirror. I was used to not having hair by now, but I would do anything to grow it back.

The door opened to reveal Dr.Jefferson and my parents. This was either amazing news or horrible news.

"Take a seat, Ms. Tenner." The doctor spoke. All three of them stared at me with sympathetic looks. This was bad, really bad. "I'm afraid that your cancer has only gotten worse."

Tears brimmed in my eyes, I felt like I was getting better.

"And, well, Ms.Tenner.....I don't think you have much longer."

The door burst open to reveal Niall his eyes widened to their extent.

"I ACCIDENTALLY THREW AWAY THE SONG!" he screamed, flailing his arms around. Everyone gave him disgusted looks, but I just buried my face in my hands.

I didn't want him to see me like this, ever. My head suddenly felt so naked. I slid the wig back over my bald head, but kept my eyes on the floor.

My dad decided to speak up. "Do you know this boy?"


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