Autumn Leaves (Niall Horan)

Alicia Hollow has done something horrible and the only way out of it is to fake her own death and start over.

Niall Horan, her best friend, believes that she is really gone and he faces many challenges. Like becoming mentally and emotionally unstable. Even doing some crazy sinister things.

Alicia's new career makes her face Niall again.

How will this turn of events end? And what secrets lie behind their past lives?


19. Chapter Eighteen


Alicia's POV

My jaw dropped at the small container clutched in his hands. He raised his eyebrows waiting for an answer to his question, but I didn't remember what he asked. My mind was blank and scattered. "Why do you have these?" he asked me.

"I-I..." my eyes narrowed at him. "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SNOOPING?!" It came out louder than expected, but it was worth the volume.

He stepped closer and gripped my wrist tightly. His eyes darkened with anger. "Don't you ever yell at me," he growled under his breath. 

"Ow. You're hurting me," I whimpered looking down at his hand, but my eyes traveled to the other one where the pills were. I yanked them from his hold and wiggled my arm loose just in time. The slam that the door made shook the pictures the twins had hung on the walls shake.

"Woah," I heard Kat breathe as if I scared her. "I thought you were satying with Ma- why are you crying?"

I hadn't noticed the hot tears falling down my cheeks until I reached up and wiped them away. "No reason." That was the world's dumbest answer, I mean, of course something was wrong. But neither of the girls knew about my pills and today wasn't the day for them to find out. I had already told one too many things to Mason. "Just....just don't let him in if he knocks, okay?"

I could spot her nod through the glaring light the television screen gave off. "Get some sleep, Leah."

"I will," I said my final words of the night before stepping inside my bedroom and locking the door. 

He said he loved me, he's a fucking liar. 

My eyes found my wrist that was already starting to purple. My tears hit the bruised skin as I walked to the washroom. I slammed the bottle onto the counter along with my ox of tampons and stared at my apperance in the mirror. I took my hair from the pony tail it sat in and shook the chocolate locks so they could breathe.

I took the box and opened the cabinent under the sink. I lazily tossed the carboard into the space before my eyes fell on them, my razors. I picked up one of the 'weapons' and looked from it to the my wrist. I squeezed my eyes shut and dragged the blade over my skin. 

The blood seemed to slowly trickle from my skin and hit the bowl of the sink. My eyes inched their way open and I made another cut. And another. And another. And another. 

It's all his fault. 

He hates me, he doesn't love me.

"How does it feel Mason? How does it feel knowing you're the one making me do this?" I cried, dropping the razor into the sink and turning on the water. I hung my arm leaching arm under the faucet and watched the crimson swirl down the drain.

After the bleeding stopped, I picked up the pills and lifted the toilet cover. I opened the bottle and gulped before pouring the prescription drugs down the drain. I flushed those pills down and walked out of my bathroom with one bruised wrist and one cut.


 "Leah!" Elle's voice roared through the door that enclosed me into my dark room. My eyes opened to find the sunlight peeking it's way through the curtains that hung against the average sized window in the corner. Her fist pounded on the door in repeated patterns. "Wake up!" 

I removed myself from the tangled silk sheets and pulled the sweatshirt from the bed railing. I draped the article over my half nude body. I actually prefered sleeping this way, it was more comfortable. She shouted through the door once more, I groaned before responding. "I'm coming," I spoke, making sure both of my wrists were covered and wiping a bit of dribble from my cheek.

I unlocked and opened the door to face her with an annoyed look on her face. "I was beating on this door for thirty minutes," Elle huffed, placing her hands her small waist. 

"Sorry, mum." I slightly smirked and made my way past her. The small grin left when I spotted Karla sobbing on the settee with her hands clutching her stomach. I lept onto the couch, pushing Kat away, and wrapped her in my arms. "What's wrong?" I asked, running my fingers through her golden hair. Her blue eyes looked into mine with concern.

"I-I'm pregnant..," she trailed off before bursting into more tears. My eyes widened but I held her in my arms, my fingers rubbing up and down her spine. 

"Well, whose is it?" I questioned. Karla was one of those girls who went out every weekend and brought home a guy, but she was never the type to forget protection. 

"Harry's. It has to be his! And he won't want a kid at this age, he's younger than me for Heaven's sake!" she cried. How could she know it was his? 

"Wh-why didn't you use protection?"

"I don't know! We were just-"

"Caught in the moment." I nodded understandingly. "You know there are other options, right?"

"I know," she mumbled. "That's why I'm getting an abortion."

My eyes widened. "WHAT?! No!" I practically screamed, on impulse. She looked appaulled, all three of them did actually.

"Why are you so..." Elle started.

"Against abortions?" Kat finished. All three of them raised their eyebrows at me, I sighed and slouched back on the couch.

"I-It's just wrong. Killing life like that." I breathed, my paranoia becoming obvious. 

What if..? No, that's inconsiderable.

"What do you suggest I do then?" Karla spoke up, breaking the silence. 

"Ad-adoption i-is o-okay."

"Why are you stuttering so much?" Kat asked.

"She does that when she's nervous," Elle confirmed. And she was right, I do stutter when I'm nervous. "Why are you nervous?"

"I'm n-not," I tried to speak. They couldn't know. No one could know. "You should tell Harry though."

Karla's eyes widened and she shook her head. "That..that would be too hard," she complained, burying her face in her small hands. I sighed, considering the option of me telling him for her, but wouldn't that be a bit...nontraditionally incorrect? My eyes moved from the weeping girl beside me and the two identical twins across from me.

"I-I can tell him for you," I finally threw the idea out there, making her face light up. She thanked me many times and proceeded by taking my white iPhone 5 and typing his address into the GPS system. Wow, so much for good morning.


I finally reached the medium sized flat that was apparently accompanied by Harry and his roommate. My feet padded up the porch steps to meet the wooden door with an oval of stained glass in the middle.

I knocked on the hard wood and waited a couple seconds before raising my fist again. The door swung open to reveal a boy, or should I say man? He was a little older than me, I could tell by his facial maturity. His blue-green eyes had confusion spelled all throughout them. 

"Is Harry here?" I asked him. He then became aware that I wasn't there for him and nodded.

"He is in the shower though," he spoke. I immediately recognized his Northern English accent and grinned. "You can come in until he gets finished. Harry's fast with showers."

I thanked him and stepped inside the dwelling. It was bigger than I expected, with high ceilings and spiral staircases leading to the second floor.

"I'm Louis, by the way." he sat down on the leather settee that seemed to be worth lots of money. How did they afford all this? "Take a seat." he gestured to the many seating options on the sectional couch, I awkwardly sat on one of the cushions.

"I'm Leah," I informed him since he had given me his. He smirked slightly like he already knew something, but I just brushed it off.

"One lump or two?" Louis questioned as he poured a cup of tea. 

"Three, please?" He nodded handing me the fine china, I took a sip noticing that it was missing something. "Honey?"

"Here." he handed me a small teddy bear shaped bottle with a golden nozzle and some of the sticky liquid running down the sides. I squirted some of it into my tea and took  great sip. The sweetness was overwhelming. "What brings you here, Leah?"

"Well, my friend Karla needed Harry to know something and I decided to help her out and tell him."

"Oh, okay," he paused, taking the tea cup out of my hand and taking a sip. 

"What the hell?" I giggled taking the warm cup back into my hands, when I felt a heavy gaze on us.

"Stop flirting, Lou. She has a boyfriend," Harry's deep, slow voice made me cringe. Mason was being an asshole and I didn't feel like considering him to be my boyfriend right now. This was actually our first real fight and I didn't like the fact that he had left bruises on me.

"You do? I'm sorry," Louis apologized, smiling sheepishly at the ground with a blush tinting his cheeks.

"Don't worry, I enjoyed it." I winked, making Harry 'Oooooo' loudly. But, a sudden pang of guilt hit me,  I shouldn't have done that. "But, Harry," I paused, standing to my feet to brush off the subject. "I came to talk to you."

I observed his appearance, a pair of baggy, gray sweatpants hung off of his hips. He had no shirt on, exposing many tattoos and his defined v-line and abs. His hair was dry, like he maybe used a blow dryer and tucked it all under a gray beanie, a few curls made their way out from under the hat.

"What was it?" he asked, walking over to the table and making himself a glass of tea with only a tad of cream. He sat down across from me.

"Well, it's about Karla...," I trailed off and looked to the hardwood floors. "She's uh...she's-"

"Spit it out," he groaned taking a sip of his tea.

"She's pr-pregnant," I stuttered. Harry's eyes widened and he spewed the tea out of his mouth. 

"Wh-what?" his voice squeaked like a pubesent boy. 

"But, Harry. Please don't leave her, though. Take the responsibilty," I begged him. He looked at me shocked.

"Why the hell would I do that?" 

"I don't know. It's just that-" I stopped myself.

"Just that what?" he sighed taking off his beanie and running his long fingers through his curly locks. Damn, his hands are big. I didn't answer and he screamed into his hands. "She's getting an abortion," he said .

"No," I whimpered.

"Why not? We're too young anyways.."

"Because I almost made that mistake and I don't want Karla to!" I clapped my hand over my mouth and my eyes widened to their extent. Did I just say that?

"Wh-what?" they both asked before I ran out of the flat to my car. I had to leave.











Author Note:

This is as far as I have written:/ so updates will be tons slower. I love how this feedback is coming so quickly:) 


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